The owner of the Los Angeles Lakers forgot about LeBron: Michael Jordan is a GOAT


TueHo is the best player in NBA story? A question to which, no matter how many years pass, there will never be a clear answer.

For some, Michael Jordan and his 6 rings put him in first place.

For others, LeBron Jamesconsistency and his championship with three different teams are reasons to consider him a GOAT.

Jeanie Bassthe owner of the Lakers, responded sharply.

She doesn’t pick the star of her team

Although LeBron the best player on the team she owns, Jeanie Bass without hesitation chose Jordan as the best of all time.

She spoke about this in a video for the popular video game NBA 2K, in which different personalities were asked to answer the eternal question.

Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time” bus announced in the promotional trailer.

Of course, since she is the owner of the Lakers, fans of the team took to social media to ask for an explanation for her words, all in jest.

Other fans listed Jeanie Bass for her honesty: “She had some of the best lineups and teams. God bless her soul for being honest despite the greatness of the Lakers.


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