The original “trompe l’oeil painting” created by Queen Sofia for the music night

this Queen Sophia Regarding the activities on the agenda of His Majesty the King, these weeks have been very stressful.Felipe VI’s mother was not only the king’s “stand-in”-when Don Felipe and Donaletizia had to go palm To express solidarity with those affected by the volcanic eruption, but in addition to some commitments made through its foundation, it has also participated in several activities in recent days, such as a recent visit to the Burgos Food Bank. Regarding events that are part of the official agenda, Dona Sofia participated in multiple award ceremonies (Together with Infanta Elena, because it is some of the awards of the Mapfre Foundation) and concerts, which are especially liked by Her Majesty.In fact, the last of them was just a week ago Royal TheatreAfter being absent for several weeks, Doña Sofía was replaced by her sister, Princess Irene, She usually participates in these types of dates with her.

Queen Sofia / King’s House during the concert

this time, Felipe VI’s mother hosted the premiere of the work that won the 38th Reina Sofia Music Composition Award, Titled Escher’s Observation Deck It was composed by Catalan composer Octavi Rumbau Masgrau. The award was founded by Carles Ferrer-Salat in 1983 to inspire the symphony orchestra and its different forms of creation.The concert was held at the Monumental Theater in Madrid at 7:30 in the evening. Spanish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra.

For this date, Queen Sophia came alone, Felipe VI’s mother chose an eye-catching style, including black pants, jackets and tops with original floral prints in beige and black, creating a peculiar “trompe l’oeil” effect. This dress is not new, but I wore it for the first time when I visited Valencia in 2019. At that time, the Queen Mother chose a more risky overall print look. This time, he prefers black as the perfect complement to this original costume.

Currently, this week or in the next few days, there are no plans to hold more events for Felipe VI’s mother, at least in the king’s agenda, and the Reina Sofia Foundation has not confirmed other meetings.Dona Sofía is expected to participate next week Oviedo Princess of Asturias AwardAfter performing at Salón Covadonga at Hotel de la Reconquista last year, he returned to the Campoamor Theater, but with some restrictions. It is further expected that Princess Eleanor I came back from Wales and she has been studying there since the end of August, just for the award ceremony, because the school holiday coincides with this period.

It must be added that the day after the award ceremony, the mother of Felipe VI has an inevitable appointment in Greece, and the king will not be able to attend because they must attend this year’s award of exemplary figures.This is about the religious wedding of his nephew Felipe and he will get married Nina Flor In the Cathedral of Athens, where Dona Sofia married King Juan Carlos decades ago.

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