The OKs and KOs of Thursday, November 17, 2022


OK: Isabel Diaz Ayuso

Because OKENCUESTA shows that it has 9 more seats than the entire left.

OK: Father Vinolas

Because Colonial doubled its net profit compared to last year.

OK: Carlos Alcaraz

Because he was honored as number 1 of the year at the ATP Finals.

OK: Endrick Felipe

Because the Brazilian pearl will travel to Spain to meet Real Madrid.

KO: Irene Montero

Because justice points out that their attacks “unprotect the victims”.

Knockout: Angela Rodriguez “Pam”

Because the number 2 of Equality allows himself to let go of the judges: “Formense!”

KO: Juan Lobato

Because he encouraged a protest that actually benefits the ultra-left.

KO: Nadia Calvino

Because up to seven economic organizations deny their GDP forecasts.


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