The OKs and KOs of Friday, December 9, 2022


OK: Luis de la Fuente

Because he was named Spain’s absolute new coach until 2024.

OK: Florentino Perez

Because ACS is going to build an electric battery factory in the United States for 1,000 million.

OK: Manuel Manrique

Because Sacyr carried out the work on the canal dam in Colombia for 640 million.

OK: Joe Mazzulla

Because the Celtics establish themselves as the best team in the NBA after beating Phoenix.

Knockout: Yolanda Diaz

For going to Buenos Aires to see the corrupt Cristina Kirchner.

KO: Monica Garcia

Because Más Madrid clicks on its search for candidates for the municipal elections.

KO: Irene Montero

Because a man convicted of raping an immigrant in Seville is freed by law.

KO: Gustavo Petro

For arguing that the coup in Peru was given by Parliament which “cornered Castillo”.


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