The OK KO of Saturday January 21, 2023


OK: Eduardo Zaplana

For denouncing the double standard of fighting corruption when treating Griñán and how he was treated.

OK: Federico Jiménez Losantos

For exposing Vox’s bigotry and lack of self-criticism in championing freedom of expression.

OK: Jose Maria Liu

Because the Taiwanese ambassador gives the example of courage in the face of the Chinese threat in the year of the Rabbit.

Agree: Mario Vaquerizo

For his greeting to Feijóo praising him to Fitur: “You are the best, common sense”

KO: Irene Montero

Here is another black day for women thanks to his disastrous law: reduced sentences for 39 rapists and freedom for another.

Knockout: Angela Rodriguez “Pam”

Because the number 2 of Equality launches hoaxes against Vox: “The far right wants to ban the right to abortion.”

KO: Rodrigo Buenaventura

Because the CNMV did not give credibility to the OKDIARIO exclusivity on Cellnex.

Knockout: Dani Alves

Because he was sent to prison without bail, charged with a crime of sexual assault.


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