The OAS ratifies its support for Argentina on the Falklands


Lima, (EFE).- The Organization of American States (OAS) approved this Friday by acclamation a resolution that defends Argentina’s “legitimate rights” to the Malvinas Islands and supported the demand for a “peaceful solution and negotiated” in the dispute over this archipelago.

Brazil presented the draft declaration during the fourth plenary session of the LII Assembly of the OAS, which is being held in Lima, and which expressed the “firm support” of the American countries “for the legitimate rights of Argentina on the Malvinas Islands”.

In this sense, the Brazilian Ambassador, Octavio Brandelli, pointed out that the “Declaration on the question of the Malvinas Islands” underlines that it is a “subject of permanent continental interest” and recalls that the Kingdom Uni is an observer of the OAS, which “reflects common principles and values” with America.

He also said he was satisfied with the will of the Argentine government to “find a peaceful solution to this long-standing controversy”.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Uruguayan Luis Almagro in Lima (Peru). EFE/Paolo Aguilar

After reading the terms of the resolution, OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro reaffirmed that the resolution reaffirms “what has been historically expressed by the organization.”

He defended that Argentina’s “inalienable territorial rights” over the Malvinas “go hand in hand with the position of this region” and stressed that the British presence in the islands implies a “colonial remnant” which “is not eligible”.

“The General Secretariat particularly appreciates the continental solidarity with this claim,” he concluded.

Peru underlined that its support for the Argentine cause “is a historic conduct” and assured that President Fernando Belaunde (1980-1985) “raised the name of Peru, Argentina and the region as a whole highly. by supporting Argentina diplomatically and militarily during the 1982 conflict.

“All the leaders and governments of Peru, including the current one, have followed a similar course of action, and this will not change in the future, which is why we support this project without any reservations,” the representative said. Peruvian, Harold Forsyth. .

The representative of Panama, María del Carmen Roquebert, for her part, expressed her country’s strong support for Argentina’s claim and assured that “there are causes that are not national but Latin causes Americans”, after which Ambassador Héctor Arce, representative of Bolivia, also expressed his “firm” support for the resolution.

The Chilean ambassador, Sebastián Kraljevich, maintained, in turn, that his country has maintained a “state policy” since 1992 “which recognizes the legitimate rights of Argentina over the Malvinas Islands”.

“Chile and President (Gabriel) Boric have expressed this recognition,” the Chilean representative stressed.

Argentina asks the OAS to maintain its support

Argentine Foreign Secretary Pablo Tettamanti speaks during his speech at the OAS Assembly in Lima, Peru. EFE/Paolo Aguilar

Ahead of the debate on the resolution, Argentine Foreign Secretary Pablo Tettamanti asked the OAS that its member states continue to support the call for the resumption of negotiations on the Malvinas Islands.

“I have come to speak of historic American solidarity and to thank this permanent continental support for the sovereignty dispute between the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom through dialogue and negotiation,” he said.

He stressed that this year “is a special occasion”, as it marks 40 years “since this General Assembly first dealt with the question of the Falklands”.

“Even today, the sovereignty dispute remains pending negotiation and resolution. This long-standing lack of progress should be cause for concern for the OAS,” he noted.

Tettamanti stressed that “the passage of time since the British occupation of 1983 has not weakened the validity of the claim or the firmness” of his country’s conviction in this dispute.

Finally, the Argentinian representative expressed his aspiration that the American continent be recognized “as an example of peace and dialogue between nations”.

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