The “Niño de las Pinturas” reinvents itself, from the street to the workshop

Granada, December 3 (EFE).- Raúl Ruiz, known as “The Child of Paintings” and who throughout his career has taken the art of his graffiti from Granada to New York, London, Monterrey and dozens of cities around the world, redirects his creation from the street to the studio, a “reinvention” that he incorporates in his latest exhibition.

“The Cosmos Invites Change”, which has just opened in the central Hotel Maciá Five Senses in the capital of Granada, brings together a dozen original pictorial works of “SEX, El niño de las Pinturas”, made with different techniques and tools on canvas of different formats.

The exhibition also includes a video projection and a collection of photographs of his last work made in the street, which is the real germ of the exhibition project.

“For thirty years, I have been cold in winter and hot in summer. On a day-to-day basis, my work has been more oriented towards the studio, which does not mean that, when I feel like it, I can go back to the street”, this multi-faceted artist who has based his work mainly on street painting explained at EFE.

As a young man, he started in this world with colleagues and is currently still active after more than thirty years of continuous street painting.

An infinite world of techniques and shapes

An infinite world of techniques and shapes

Now age and experience, as he pointed out, redirected his work to the studio, from where he plunged into the “infinite world” of different techniques and forms of creation, which he had so far mainly developed with “spray” canisters and on the street.

After several years of research and other previous samples in thCuarto Real de Santo Domingo (Granada)Montana Gallery (Barcelona) and Five Senses (Granada), returns to this last space with “The Cosmos Invites Change”.

This is a more recent work on canvas that builds on advances in his style on the walls of buildings and open fields.
Own and borrowed aphorisms mingle with recurring images from the artist’s catalog, where childhood, old age, nature and flamenco once again become the iconographic axis of his work in the exhibition.

The texts, which have been a fundamental part of his work for years, also focus on the space of the support, which forgets the rest of the construction elements of the work.

In this way, he commented, they stop integrating into shapes and begin to generate layers and transparencies, with which the range of colors expands in an “attractive and unexpected” way.

The image to zoom in on the details of the work

Likewise, the video projection brings closer the details of the artist’s work, shows his complete career and even allows him to see him in action in multiple situations.

Meanwhile, the photographic collection focuses on the latest works of El Niño de las Pinturas in the street.
From Karlsruhe (Germany) to Granada, one can see the works that meant a “real change” for the author. ECE

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