The Nigerian government says the passport is not in short supply

Nigerian government says passport not in short supply

The federal government has declared that Nigerian passport booklets are not in short supply.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, minister of interior made this known while dismissing claims that stated otherwise in the Scorecard of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration 2015-2023 4th edition.

According to the minister, there are enough booklets available for those who have applied for passports and already obtained or not yet obtained.

Reason for restriction: The minister said the government has stopped 24-hour passport services because of the criminality and sharp practices involved.

  • “Some crimes happened before we came and that affected the psyche of Nigerians on passports. Passports are the most secure identity document in any country. It is the document that is certified by the president of the country. on the front page recommending citizens for good consideration from anyone they come across. So it’s not just a document to play with. It’s the symbol of a nation’s sovereignty,” he said.

Aregbesola also pointed out that there are differences in the way passports are issued in countries around the world. According to him, In America, the process takes 15 weeks, in Britain it takes 13 weeks and Japan is the country that has the shortest time for passport processes in the whole world, only one week.

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According to him, the minimum time to process a passport in Nigeria is six weeks to allow the appropriate authority to carry out diligent security checks.

Challenges: The interior minister said the real challenge in the passport application process is the bottleneck in the processing system, especially in big cities.

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  • “I cannot deny the fact that we do not have enough processing centers and we are working on that. Lagos and Abuja have a problem because we have limited processing centres. Lagos has three processing centers while the state should have at least 20 processing centers.
  • “We are working in partnership with the private sector to provide only front office services where Nigerians can quickly and easily get for their passports while the main issuance is for Immigration.”

The minister also assured Nigerians at home and abroad of the efficient service delivery of the issuance of international passports.


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