The Nicaraguan police raided the headquarters of the country’s main newspaper “La Prensa”


This Suppress the wave The government of Daniel Ortega is deploying Any suggestion against This Friday, it has been strengthened in terms of freedom of speech.Nicaraguan police broke into the newspaper’s headquarters at noon news. Officials took over the writing of the country’s main newspapers after the newspaper’s print edition was suspended for several hours due to the administration’s own embargo on the newspaper.

“According to the court order, a technical team of the Judicial Aid Bureau, accompanied by officials from the General Administration of Customs (DGA), the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the Ministry of Public Affairs, executed Search and search In the warehouse of the editor La Prensa Sociedad Anónima, who is still in police custody, “the national police said in a statement while its officials were working in the newspaper.

The operation is part of an investigation into the suspected crime of the editorial team and its directors Customs fraud, money laundering, goods and assets, Harming the Nicaraguan country and Nicaraguan society.

Nicaraguan police raided the headquarters of the country’s main newspaper “La Prensa”

The newspaper was founded in 1926 and reported that “the Ortega police cut off the Internet access, power supply, and shut down all servers.” At that time, there were reporters in the newsroom.They were cut off Because the police do not allow them to access their electronic media. “

According to the report, the “police patrol” that raided the facility news, They don’t let “collaborators in the office” use their phones. This is not enough to prevent reporters from telling what is happening.The newspaper guarantees, “While we publish the raw materials, our website and social networks news Will continue to provide news and condemn Abuse of power against democracy“.

Ortega’s response was to accuse him of “hiding” the evidence of money laundering.In an action this Friday, the president accused news Commit a crime and lend yourself “money laundering, then Hide evidence“.

Ortega lowered all the credibility of the newspaper version: “They said they ran out of paper, which is why that newspaper could not go out (…). When you lied like that, When the country is slandered, you are committing a crime“The slanderer, the slanderer goes to jail,” the president warned at last.

Freedom of press

The media raid on March 2 to celebrate the 95th anniversary of its first publication was interpreted as the latest blow to press freedom, especially because the newspaper’s symbolic significance is closely related to two historical figures in the country: its director, Pedro Joaquin ChamorroAssassinated by the Somoza dictatorship in 1978, his widow, Violeta Barrios de ChamorroServed as President of Nicaragua from 1990 to 1996.

In fact, a few days ago, last Tuesday, the Nicaraguan media criticizing the government decided Prohibit editing signature Items used as protective measures.

“Before Attack and threat escalation For independent media, as of July, media such as news, Top secret And other digital media have decided to suppress the signature of newspaper article editors,” he said. news, That is qualified “This temporary and emergency measure is designed to Protect the integrity of journalists All levels are threatened. “
According to the newspaper headline Threats, exiles, subpoenas and denial of information: daily life of independent media in NicaraguaIn July, at least 11 journalists were harassed and threatened by government “fanatics”. “Forced” into exile “Protect his life and continue his journalistic work.”

One of them is a reporter Ivan OlivaresHe left the country this Thursday after filing a lawsuit against the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation for alleged misuse of management and ideological false crimes.

“In order to continue to exercise Free press, And strictly abide by my freedom of conscience, professionalism, and moral values. This is part of my commitment to the Nicaraguan audience. I decided to protect my safety abroad, continue to engage in journalism, and serve the truth,” explained in the document.


On Friday, several countries and international organizations issued unanimous condemnation of the raid.Criticism by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) “Nicaraguan officials continue to persecute the press”.

Through his Twitter account, he recalled that “direct or indirect pressure aimed at suppressing journalism can affect democratic debate and Not in line with the right to freedom of speech“.

The Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the U.S. State Department calls on Ortega to “respect freedom of speech news Instead of taking action Mute independent report“Other international organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) or Amnesty International have also released similar information.

For Reporters Without Borders, President Ortega is one of the leaders on the organization’s list. “The Predator of Freedom” Put pressure on his policies of “economic asphyxiation” and “judicial review” of independent media.

Nicaragua is still three months away from holding a general election, which currently lacks the necessary conditions for transparency and competitiveness.Ortega will face his wishes on November 7 next year The fifth term of the presidency, For the fourth time in a row, for the second time together with his partner, Vice President Rosario Murillo.

In the past few months, More than 30 politicians and independent journalists arrestedThe international community strongly condemned this situation and led to a diplomatic conflict with Spain.

Recently, the international community Condemned the situation in the country Due to the lack of security in the election process, they and Spain convened ambassadors to Managua, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Colombia for consultations.

In Spain, Ortega trained a Diplomatic conflictThe crisis began in the middle of this week, when the regime severely criticized its belief that Spain was “interfering” in the internal affairs of the country. This letter from the Albares department is considered “outdated and outdated”, and it mentions issues that were already in the GAL. Spanish institutions have even been labelled “immoral”.

Soon, the answer came out. Spain called its ambassador for consultations, Maria del Mar Fernandez Palacios, This is in Spain, there is no date to return to Managua. The atmosphere of foreign offices is a pessimistic one. Ortega’s growing authoritarianismThis has strengthened retaliation against opposition politicians in recent days.


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