The NFL is urging franchises to apply the COVID-19 booster vaccine to players and coaches by December 27.


TOthe bells rang around Nfl total 37 tested positive for COVID-19 only Monday, December 13, is an unusually high number, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Due to the current NFL protocol, teams should conduct weekly testing of all vaccinated members of the organization (players and employees) and daily testing of unvaccinated ones.

Very high infection rate

Mondays tend to be the largest number of weeks, because that’s when most teams schedule their tests for vaccinated individuals, however Schafter’s report says that number remains unusually high for two full weeks in November (14-27). were only 72 positive cases

Because of this, the NFL has required its 32 franchises to ensure that all Level 1 and 2 players, coaches, and employees receive a COVID-19 booster shot.

This policy must be completed 27th of December… The memorandum received by ESPN mentions the following:

“On November 29, the CDC published a study showing that the effectiveness of approved COVID-19 vaccines may decline over time and has recommended that all eligible vaccinated individuals over the age of 18 receive a booster vaccination. Given the increased prevalence of the virus vaccine in our communities, our experts recommended that we follow the CDC recommendation. “

Omicron case in Washington

When Washington football teamThe report says that one of their level 3 employers infected with the Omicron variant is isolated and known to have very little contact with the rest of the organization.

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 refers to the amount of personal interaction an employee has with players and other NFL team members.

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