The New York Mets are turning down Eric Hosmer even as the San Diego Padres offered Chris Paddack millions of dollars.


TI have New York Mets finally decided to trade with the San Diego Padres for 1B Eric Hosmer added to the deal, who was also to be pitcher Chris Paddack. The New York Post reports that the California team was determined to make the deal a reality, however, the Mets got through.

The deal wasn’t bad.

The deal that was on the table included the Mets getting the first baseman. Eric Hosmerright jug Chris Paddack, as well as another RHP Emilio Pagan. Meanwhile, the Pads will get first baseman, Dominic Smith, and 30 million dollars.

Hosmer he still had four years left on his San Diego contract and $59, so they were in talks to pay most of that amount to ease the deal. It was a real opportunity for Metz make a profit by selling Hosmer to another team, regardless of the no-trade clause in his contract, which could lead to problems.

Gaining Hosmer would put the Mets in the highest category of luxury tax penalties.

There were rumors in San Diego that they considered taking a pay cut for Horner if the deal went through and with the $30 million the Padres were willing to pay, it would make the Mets the first team in MLB history to have a payroll exceeding $300 million or more. One of the downsides of the deal is that if it went ahead, they would fall into the highest category of luxury tax penalties and the team would be affected.

The reality of the matter is that Hosmer however, he has not shown first-class results, perhaps a change of team could help improve his game as a first baseman and his averages in general.


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