The new Staminaman from Family Mart is like a delicious stamina-don pork bowl in your hand


The combini hero we need and deserve.

“Stamina Man” sounds as if it was to be the name of a superhero whose tireless perseverance in the fight against evil is his characteristic trait. Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart New Resiliencebeing one word, it is something else, but no less amazing sounding and deeply reassuring to be there when we need it.

The “male” part of Staminaman refers to steamed dumplingsas is the case with Nikuman, Meat rolls which are Japan’s perennial favorite grocery stores. For filling, the Staminaman takes inspiration from endurance-donor “strength pans”, kind rice bowl with pork, egg and extremely delicious garlic-soy spice. The sutaminaman takes these toppings from a bowl of rice, but instead puts them in a steamed bun.

▼ Staminadon Family Mart with a fitness bowl above it

By making Staminaman even more appetizing, this is a joint project based in Tokyo Densetsu no Sutadonya, one of the most loved Japanese chains specializing in strength bowls. Swapping rice into a soft, fluffy steamed bun makes it a great option when you don’t have time for a full sit down meal or when you’re on the go, as you can hold it in your hand while eating (or if you’re feeling particularly hungry and / or decadent, hold one in each hand).

Staminaman is on sale at Family Mart branches across Japan for 185 yen ($ 1.25) and we see a whole bunch of them in our lunch plans in the near future.

Source: PR times
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