The new season’s crossbody bag from Pull & Bear with the perfect size


In different colors, this bag shoulder strap from new season of Pull & Bear It’s the best and it’s at an irresistible price. Feel the signs of this complement.

And that is that the company offers us a number of accessories, in addition to its garments to be able to take them everywhere.

How’s the new season’s shoulder bag

It has the perfect size and you can wear it hanging depending on the type of shoulder bag. This is very lucky because it is not heavy, you walk everywhere, and thus you do not have to hold it with your hands, which is much more uncomfortable.

For more features are mark its zipper. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap. In order for you to know more about this accessory, it is remarkable that its dimensions are: Height x Width x Depth 14.5 x 19 x 4 cm.

It is made on the outside and lined in 100% polyurethane.

in different colors

The luck with this piece is that it is very cheap and you can also buy it in different colors. Choose the one you like best!

If you decide to wear black, you will wear it much more, everywhere and in all seasons. For white overalls, black, jeans, in pants with roses, green or blue. We know it’s the wild card color for everyone.

In white, it is also simple and clearly visible. From the net, they recommend that it be worn with fairly dark colors. With asymmetrical black top and brown trousers. It is ideal for going to work, shopping or taking a walk.

The new season's crossbody bag from Pull & Bear with the perfect size

It’s inside, too brown which catches everyone’s eye at various events. Green is really passion, elegant and what fits perfectly at night. But this is not all, there are more colors, turquoise is so fun and lets you play with a variety of colors, even if they are perfect with jeans, black and white jumpsuits and turquoise skirts. You will love the chewing gum pink because it gives you that youthful air that you need many times.

The new season's crossbody bag from Pull & Bear with the perfect size

While the yellow mini-shoulder bag is the one that will be worn the most this year. Well, it’s totally trendy. Now you can choose the color you want!

How much

Its price is really affordable, so you can buy two bags. You have it for 9.99 euros and you buy it directly on the Pull & Bears website. It is fast and convenient, because you do not have to go to the store and you have it at home in just a few hours. So easy!

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