The new Primark beauty collection that makes you shine like a star


Primark surprises us again and this time it does not do it with a home line or with top trend garments at an irresistible price, but rather it has gone a step further. In her beauty department, Primark Beauty, the company has presented a collection that will delight the most daring and those who want to shine at any price. A line inspired by the stars, the night sky and the planets, that is, an absolutely cosmic collection.

For lovers of astrology and the most dreamlike world, the brand is engaged in metallic tones and glitter in all areas. A collection that is not only suitable for fans of the cosmic, but also for those who love to include bright details in their appearance and escape from sobriety and more matte and subdued tones.

In addition to eyeshadow palettes, metallic pencils or iridescent lip gloss, Primark has a complete range of products to make our beauty bag look like it comes from another galaxy. face masks, body scrubeye patches and brushes that go away from the conventional and where glitter and sparkles are the absolute main characters.

Primark eyeshadow palette. / Primark

If this issue is already a perfect opportunity to turn our collection around beauty products, it must also be borne in mind that the prices of the products could not be more attractive. A reality that is in line with the rest of the brand’s collections, which invest in garments and accessories at a price that is more than irresistible.

The collection has a number of elements such as illuminators with an iridescent tone, nail polish in metallic colors and perfect for all tastes or perfumes inspired by gemstones and semi-precious stones such as sapphire, amber or amethyst. Each of the enamels has a price of two euros, it highlighter for the face and the first with satin effect is available for five euros and the perfumes, perfect to carry in your bag due to their small size, cost three and a half euros. On the other hand, the shadow palette, La luna, can be purchased for nine euros and has fifteen different colors, with a glossy or satin finish, perfect for creating star looks. In addition, the lip gloss, gloss type and very moisturizing, are priced at two and a half euros.

Primark metallic nail polish. / Primark

Beyond the products makeup or perfumes, the line also contains a number of elements for skin care. You can, for example, buy a few eye patches for just over one euro, a body scrub in amethyst for four euros, and a moisturizing body butter for five euros.

Undoubtedly a more than complete line of care that Primark has designed for those who want to give their look a new look, with futuristic shades, or for the less risky who just want to give specific details that revolutionize their style.

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