The new British scandal: Christmas party held by 24 Conservatives in Westminster


Britain’s new scandal, Caught in the limits of Covid-19, when a photo came to light, the photo showed 24 Conservative Party employees and collaborators-as well as a senior official and a donor-without distance at the Christmas party or masks in the office Conservative Party In Westminster. This image corresponds to December 14, 2020, and London is at alert level 2.

The center of the scandal only changed a few hundred meters, the places that separated Parliament from 10 Downing Street, but the biggest victims were still the same, especially the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson, He is at alert level 2 in the same London and is forbidden to meet with non-partners at home. He attended a party at his residence on December 15th, three days before his other staff member, and said The resignation of your communications consultant Allegra Stratton.

Johnson believes that he has lost the power and leadership to require his compatriots to accept disciplinary action in an attempt to contain the virus and its spread. Already almost dominant variant of omicronMore importantly, Johnson lost control and credibility even in their team.


This Tuesday, Prime Minister Was taken to the House of Commons A set of rules to curb the spread of coronavirus -Promote telecommuting; masks in traffic, movie theaters, theaters and public places, as well as Covid certificates in nightlife venues and enclosed spaces or even open spaces, depending on their capacity-and 100 of you voted against: Success due to opposition.

It was in this situation that the photos of Westminster on the 24th were broadcast, relaxed, with a gesture of joy, very close.Already published Mirror, Which immediately caused one of the protagonists to resign. Sean Bailey (In the photo, he is standing in the middle wearing a white shirt) He was in charge of the Police and Crime Committee of the London Parliament until a few hours ago.

The picture also sees Bailey next to Nick Candy (Gray jacket, holding up a glass of wine), billionaire party donors.

The political turmoil is huge, and some people even speculate that Johnson is taking the risk of this position, not so much because of angry public opinion or the Labor Party’s attacks, but because the measures to be taken among conservatives have caused obvious internal disputes. .Fighting the pandemic-passports, the main source of tension-taken by a leader Don’t lead by example And overwhelm them in their constituency.


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