The new blow that Kiko Rivera has had to face


There is no doubt that Kiko Rivera is facing one of the most complicated moments of his life, and it is not for less. Immersed in a family war with both his mother and his sisterthe DJ He has recently suffered a stroke for which he had to be admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital, keeping practically the entire country on alert due to his state of health.

Kiko Rivera after the stroke

What no one could imagine is that, now that he has already made several appearances in which he has shown that he is completely focused on his recovery in order to return to his normal life as soon as possible, Kiko has once again received a blow from life. And it is that, the son of the todillera He has received the sad news of the death of a friend. Likewise, he has revealed it through his social networks, clarifying that he could not carry out a direct show as planned given this great setback: “Today’s live will be in the afternoon family. I’ll tell you later”, he began by explaining, to later give more details about the reason that had made his day take a 180 degree turn: “R.I.P. Rest in peace, friend”, he wrote in his stories under a black background and a sticker of a shooting star, suggesting that this icon referred to his deceased friend.

Story of Kiko Rivera / Instagram
Story of Kiko Rivera / Instagram

In this way, the interpreter That’s how I am He has proven to be fully devoted to those closest to his friend, which is why he has postponed his work duties in the 2.0 universe in order to recover in record time from this hard blow and then give content to his more than one million followers as usual way, although yes, without falling into issues that have to do with Isabel Pantoja or with her daughter, people with whom today the artist does not have a very good relationship, not even after having been hospitalized urgently.

Story of Kiko Rivera / Instagram
Story of Kiko Rivera / Instagram

Who if continues to be a fundamental pillar in the life of the brother of Cayetano Rivera is his wife. Irene Rosales has been crowned one of the indispensable people in her husband’s life, which is why, during his first public intervention on Twitch after the stroke, Kiko did not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate some nice words to her while also admitting to having spent one of the most complicated moments of his 38 years of life: “I had a stroke that affected the left side of my body and left my face and arm completely paralyzed (…) It was the biggest scare of my life and I thought that this did not come out. As you can see, it has not left any important sequel, but it has changed my life forever. I do sports every day, I eat healthy and I have stopped smoking. I am undergoing treatment with my physiotherapist and everything has returned to its place, since my mouth bent and I lost my balance, ”he said, visibly dismayed but with enough strength to continue.


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