The new betrayal of Kiko Rivera to his mother, Isabel Pantoja

another saturday begona gutierrez has sat on the set of the Deluxe to continue telling how his relationship with Isabel Pantoja has been and how they have reached this point of confrontation. Just a few weeks ago, the former friend of the tonadillera stepped in the vicinity of Mediaset to confess that the singer had broken the contract she had signed with her for her American tour and that she owed her a large amount of money, taking the opportunity to reveal some of their intimacies. But not everything stopped there, because it seems that Begoña has more to tell.

Begoña Gutiérrez in the ‘Deluxe’ / Telecinco

After learning of this disloyalty on the part of the interpreter of light sailor, the protagonist of the night decided to speak in public. At that moment, It seemed like a good idea to get in touch with Kiko Rivera to explain the situation and make it clear that he was going to sit on television to attack his mother. Something that seems that, according to what the businesswoman has revealed, did not matter at all to the DJ: “I called Kiko in June and told him that his mother had signed a contract without my authorization, that they had notified me from Mexico. And I told her that I was going to go after her legally and in the media.

Begoña Gutiérrez in the ‘Deluxe’ / Telecinco

After this, the guest of the Deluxe has explained that, at that time, the husband of Irene Rosales gave him the green light to start an open war against the singer. “He tells me that I am being a fucking mother and that, as soon as he finds out that she has received, that he would notify him so that he pays everything that he owes him,” he said in front of Jorge Javier Vázquez. a new betrayal towards his mother who already joins Singer: the poisoned inheritance and that makes it difficult for them, one day, to fix things. And it is that, it seems that the family battle continues, despite the fact that they seemed to have built bridges as a result of the stroke suffered by the DJ. “Do you know everything that has had to happen for Kiko to explode?” Begoña has sentenced, who openly defends the situation of the singer’s son.

Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja on a set / Gtres

But it seems that Kiko Rivera is not the only one affected, since the guest has assured that it has been witness to several fights between Isa Pantoja and his mother, despite the fact that now they boast of a good relationship. “In the Fuengirola attic there was a very strong fight between them (…) Someone raised a hand to someone and I had to intervene,” she began by explaining. As she has recounted on television, there was a struggle between them “for more than three hours”, for which she was forced to intervene: “At that moment, Isabel tells me to go down behind her, because there is press and I retained the girl in the elevator. Apparently, and always according to what was reported by the protagonist and without evidence, the reason for this strong discussion could be due to a thorn in the couple’s Asraf: “The girl asked for love and asked why the mother had consented to certain things in her family.”

Kiko Rivera, Isa and Isabel Pantoja on a set / Gtres

For the moment, neither Kiko Rivera nor Isa Pantoja have ruled on these controversial statements that put them back in the media spotlight. Be that as it may, the truth is that it seems that Begoña Gutiérrez has more to tell and is eager to talkso it would not be surprising if he sits down in the Deluxe.