The National Packaging Center will be a reference in architecture, technology and sustainability – EFE News


Calahorra, (EFE) President of the Government of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, reported.

With an estimated budget of 12 million euros for the project and construction, the architectural proposal, designed by UTE Sog Design and vi17 Arquitectura, will be located on a plot of 94,054 square meters in the Polígono El Recuenco, explained Andreu in his presentation, together with the government delegate in La Rioja, Beatriz Arráiz; the mayor of Calahorra, Elisa Garrido; representatives of UTE, Oriol Ribas, Gustavo Figueira and Diego Díaz, as well as companies in the sector and its value chain: agri-food, wine, footwear or automotive, among others.

This architectural proposal was the winner of the competition launched by the Fundación Ciudad del Envase y el Embalaje for the construction of the Center and will therefore obtain a prize of 20,000 euros and the preferential right to opt for the award of the service contract for the Drafting basic design and execution and construction management.

The project includes a natural environment with large green spaces, rest, proximity and complementary services for workers and users and an 8,000 square meter complex with a repeatable and expandable modular structure, detailed its representatives during the presentation. event held at the Ideal Theater. of Calahorra.

Three working areas

The Center will have 3 work areas:

On the one hand, an Innovation Hub, which has already started its activity with the program ‘Activa Startups: Packaging and Packaging Challenges of La Rioja’ and which will be a space in which startups and innovative companies will work together with industries and the R&D departments.

Also an R&D center, which will be in charge of development and scientific research to develop, refine and mature innovative proposals in its own laboratories and thus obtain the best results in each case.

Thirdly, it will have an industrialization and prototyping factory, which will be a space where developments will be tested in conditions similar to a real context so that they are not only innovative and functional, but also industrializable, which will allow the transfer of developments to industry with a full guarantee.

Andreu explained that this Research, Development and Industrialization Center, at the heart of the Ciudad del Envase y el Embalaje project, has an initial investment of 40 million euros, “an unprecedented figure in La Rioja”, co-financed by the government of La Rioja and the Spanish government.


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