The nation of Israel – where are you?


In 1917, 105 years ago, (it is now 2022) Professor Chaim Weizmann, the great Zionist leader and later President of the State and Nation of Israel, achieved the greatest political achievement for the Jewish people up to that time: the Balfour Declaration.

The nation of Israel

At the end of the First World War and the liberation of the Land of Israel from occupation by the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate in the Land of Israel was established, which aimed to implement the Balfour Declaration, i.e. to establish a so-called national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel, i.e. a sovereign Jewish state.

It was an unprecedented hour of longing for the Jewish people. It was to be expected that the Jewish people would pick up their sticks and knapsacks and immigrate en masse to the Land of Israel. But it didn’t happen!

Three years after the Balfour Declaration, a disappointed and frustrated Chaim Weizmann came out with his desperate cry: “I am Yisrael – Where are you?”

President Chaim Weizmann. Government Press Center (Israel), CC BY-SA 3.0via Wikimedia Commons

The biblical Joshua ben-Nun led the people of Israel to settle most of the Promised Land. It turned out that even then the Israelites did not immediately rush to the possibility of settling the land. The same laziness, the same disastrously phlegmatic attitude that had shocked Weizmann was manifested even then.

And Joshua said to the children of Israel: How long will you hesitate to come and possess the land which God, the God of your fathers, has given you? ~Joshua 18:3

Even then the cry was heard, people of Israel – where are you?

After the Balfour Declaration and the end of the First World War, the outcome of the Paris Peace Conference, the San Remo Conference was convened. It was an international meeting of the Allied Supreme Council after World War I, held at the Villa Devachan in San Remo, Italy between 19 and 26 April 1920.

San Remo Conference 1920. Public domain photo.
San Remo Conference 1920. Author Unknown – domain, Link

The League of Nations San Remo Resolution, adopted on April 25, 1920, determined the allocation of Class “A” League of Nations mandates for the administration of three, then undefined territories in the Middle East of the defeated Ottoman powers: “Palestine”, “Syria” and “Mesopotamia”.

Border of three territories “will be decided [at a later date] By the Major Allied Powers,’ which left the status of peripheral areas such as Zor and Transjordan uncertain.

Today, many Jews in the State of Israel lack a Zionist character, they lack backbone and the political trend is pulling them in the wrong direction. Many residents of Israel are not people from the pioneer settlements and support an impractical political Zionism. The law replaces the values ​​on which the state was built, and the evil lawyers at the Department of Justice are undermining those values.

The State of Israel has made mistake after mistake in connection with the preservation of the territory of the Land of Israel, which was determined as the state’s border by the Supreme Council of the Allies in San Remo.

The land of Israel continues to be built by decrees and revenues come from the Jewish people. The people of Israel are against themselves. A misdemeanor leads to another misdemeanor.

The poet Natan Alterman saw the erosion of Israel in his position. In his poem “The Devil Said”, Alterman wrote:

Then the devil said: How can I face this besieged man?

With him courage and skill in deed and weapons of war and ingenuity and advice to him.

And he said: I will not take away his strength, I will not put a barrier and a switch on him, and I will not bring weakness into him, nor will I weaken his hands as before; I will only do this: I will cloud his mind and he will forget that he was righteous.

Thus spake the devil, and it was as if the heavens grew pale with fear when they saw him in his wake to carry out his plot.”

Jews in the land of Israel are under the idiocy of the media and various existential pressures and they simply don’t care. They live in the moment, carnality and others are swept under the rug, out of sight, out of heart and mind.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin gave the Arabs, most of whom had invaded Israel during the British Mandate rule, self-identification as Palestinians, thus instilling in them a hostile nationalism against Zionist nationalism. And yet the Arabs are liars, thieves, barbarians and murderers just as ungrateful. People who are unable to pronounce their name – Palestinians, and call themselves Balestinians – with the missing letter “P” in the Arabic language, literally, do not exist.

At that time, because confused Israel did not annex the territory of Judea and Samaria, freed from Jordanian illegal occupation, the territory was administered by a military administrator; today the territory of Judea and Samaria is managed as a ghetto by the civil administration established by the State of Israel, which is an expression of the political-leftist legal system. And the security establishment administers the territory of Judea and Samaria “State of Palestine” his ultimate goal is for the Jews to clear the land of Judea and Samaria.

Shomron-Peduel peak “Country’s Terrace – you can see Israeli cities on the seashore – Photo: Nurit Greenger

Irresponsible politics

Over half a million Jews live in Judea and Samaria. They live unequally with the rest of the Israeli population. Any law passed in the Knesset must be signed by an army general in order for the law to apply to the territory of Judea and Samaria. It is an irresponsible divisive political policy that causes discord and divides the Jewish population.

Even though the Jewish residents of the State of Israel have much to give, even when they are victorious, they are not free from the disenfranchised exile mentality and behave like losers, following the failed policies of the US and others.

The question that needs to be asked: Why do the Jews of the Land of Israel think they need to justify the liberation that took place in 1967? Why has the War of Independence been going on for about 75 years?

Truth, Law, Faith and Virtues

The axis of the world revolves around truth, law, faith and virtue, Torah and peace. This is the true character of the Jewish people. The essence of the Jewish people is to understand the essence of creation and to believe that there are deeper layers than reality. One must realize that the depth of the Torah is extremely important today.

The task of the nation of Israel is to connect the heart of the nation with their lands. If the people of Israel properly fulfill their true role, which is the revelation of God, and fulfill the morals and mitzvahs and “love your neighbor as you love yourself”, the gathering of all nations will take place and be fulfilled.

Living from the inside requires a soulless exterior. But matter and spirit go hand in hand, and for the people and the nation of Israel it is expressed by faith and analysis.

Jews in Israel today, numbering 7 million, should put their hands on their hearts and ask: “Where our journey takes us” before it’s too late.


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