The Most “Simple” Scalpers Sweatshirt That Will Make Tamara Falcó Fall in Love


If there’s one piece of clothing that defines these fall months, it’s jacket with hat. Thanks to this dress, you can feel comfortable and adjust your level of shelter to the weather conditions. It is because of this versatility of sweatshirts that major fashion brands incorporate them into their collections.For example, if we look at the directory of this company, we will find minimalist sweatshirt scalpers.

This is a discreet model as this relief is almost invisible to the eye as it respects the base colour. It just gives it a different touch that will attract the attention of the people with the most detail, those who pay more attention to it.

Explore Scalpers’ most ‘minimal’ sweatshirts

Various sizes and two colors

Sizes range from XS to L, so if you prefer plus size, you can choose a very large size, and you can also choose black and white for this embossed sweatshirt, both in a single tone.

If we go and look at its most important features, we can focus on regular fit cuts and crew neck. Apart from that, the long sleeves are perfect for cool evenings when winter comes.

100% manufactured organic cotton, when purchasing, we work with the less influential textile industry. This is part of Scalpers’ commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Top quality items

If there’s anything that separates a really good jersey from what looks like the real thing, it’s probably its durability over time, and this jersey from Scalpers ensures great resistance .

The Most

To help it age properly, you must machine wash it inside out at a maximum temperature of 30°C. We also recommend that you do not use bleach or tumble dry, you can iron it but the temperature does not exceed 110°C.

Finally, we want to focus on Its price is 54.99 euros, We take a high cost. Considering it can stay with you for a few years, it’s a very worthwhile investment.

The good news is that apart from that Valuing companies offer free shipping and returns for all customers.

In short, it’s an opportunity to expand your wardrobe with very useful options in a variety of situations where a piece of clothing you won’t want to take off because of its simplicity and sobriety.


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