The most romantic side of Cristiano, exposed for the first time: “I want to marry Georgina”


There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview, given to the British journalist Piers Morgan on his program Piers Morgan: Uncensored, and which is being broadcast from this same Wednesday to Thursday, is being one of the most commented topics of the last few hours. And is not for less. In front of the cameras, the portuguese star He has managed to open up to the maximum about some of the most painful issues of his life beyond football, such as, the loss of one of the babies she was expecting with Georgina during the month of April. A very hard setback from which he still does not seem to have recovered, which is why he has not hesitated to speak in front of the communicator about everything that happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview / Piers Morgan: Uncensored

One of the first issues he has faced has been none other than the recent loss of his son. A bittersweet feeling, especially taking into account that she had been born completely healthy as a little girl. beautiful emerald: “LThe children begin to ask, ‘Where’s the other baby?’ I had a conversation with Cristiano Junior that day, because he is 12 years old, he knows and understands everything. We cried together in his room and we explained to him”, he began by revealing, visibly moved, to later reveal that he had also been honest with the rest of the children, although in a much lighter way: “After a week I said: ‘Let’s be frank and be honest with the children’, so We told them that Angel went to heaven. Children always understand, sometimes they say: ‘Daddy, I did this for Ángel’, and they point to him, to the sky… I like it better because it’s part of their lives and I’m not going to lie to them. It was a difficult process but I am becoming more and more of a father, more of a friend to them and they become closer to their father”, he revealed, with a broken voice and hinting that it is a matter that still hurts him especially.

Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview / Piers Morgan: Uncensored
Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview / Piers Morgan: Uncensored

Given that it has been a very shocking situation in his life that has happened hand in hand with Georgina Rodriguez, this has become, even more if possible, one of the fundamental pillars of his life. Being about to celebrate six years of the first time in which the then shop assistant and the footballer exchanged glances, it should be noted that they have become one of the most consolidated tandem at the international level, which is why the former player of the real Madrid is clear: “I want to marry Georgina. She is in the plans. She is very mature for her age and we help each other a lot.”, he admitted, totally firm in his convictions and in the image he has of his partner: “She suffered when she was young and looks at life with different eyes. She listens to me, she gives me stability and allowed me not to give up after the death of our son.”, he stressed, demonstrating the love he feels for Jaca, which has made him talk for the first time about marriage plans to ensure that a promising future holds for them together.


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