The most nostalgic side of Fran Rivera when remembering Jesús Quintero: “I learned a lot from life”


As happens year after year, during this same week the 32nd edition of the SICAB, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Show. A day that has had the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville as the perfect setting, and which has been attended by some lovers of equestrian and familiar faces, such as Fran Rivera.

After having experienced a solidarity dinner for bullfighters to benefit the Nuevo Futuro Association in the capital, the brother of cajetan Rivera has moved to the Seville City for another good reason. As it could not be otherwise, the bullfighter did not hesitate for a second when it came to addressing the media present in the aforementioned enclave, showing off his honesty when mentioning the importance of last Thursday’s event , November 16: “The important thing about yesterday is the work carried out by Nuevo Futuro, it is what we should talk about. They take care of more than 1,200 children who come from experiencing authentic tragedies and this association gives them a home, an opportunity, an education… They do an incredible job, and we are the lucky ones to be there and contribute our grain of sand”, he began by explaining , to later go into more detail about the collection obtained as a result of the event in question.

Fran Rivera and Jesús Quintero in a social gathering / Gtres

On the other hand, the son of Francisco Rivera wanted to emphasize the relevance that International Flamenco Day has for him, also celebrated last Thursday: “It was about time it was named. I remember Jesús Quintero, when we did the program The Sun, the Salt, the Sonprecisely coinciding when flamenco was named as an asset of cultural interest, something that all flamencos love”, he pointed out, to later remember with some affection the journalist passed away last Monday, October 3, at 82 years of age: “That was a stage in which I enjoyed a lot, I learned a lot about Jesus and about life, and the greatest passed through it… It was like a university”, recounted the right-hander, visibly moved when looking back and realizing that he will no longer have the opportunity to share such magical moments with him also known as the fool on the Hill.

Fran Rivera and Jesús Quintero in a bullfighting fair / Gtres

Since Christmas is just around the corner, the reporters from the Gtres agency have not hesitated to ask Kiko Rivera’s brother about how he plans to spend these special dates: “I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, to enjoy the date and with the family, we love Christmas at home”, he commented, thus ending the conversation and hinting that he is probably accompanied by his wife, Lourdes Montesand by his daughter Cayetana, with whom he has a close relationship that was reflected during the aforementioned solidarity dinner, in which the bullfighter asked the young woman to dance to star in one of the most unexpected moments of the evening.


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