The most incredible handmade waistcoats that are a true ‘it-girl’ this Christmas


An authentic “it girl” cannot miss the perfect gift this Christmas, some incredible handmade vests await us at Olivia y Chloe. The 100% Spanish clothing and accessories brand we’re looking for to help Santa fully succeed in his mission. Incredible accessories and headwear, as well as some impressive vests await us in Spain’s capital. From Madrid we get a trendy garment with soul, note how these vests are made by hand at Olivia and Chloe.

Olivia and Chloe have the most amazing waistcoats for Christmas

The The Olivia and Chloe brand was born 10 years ago, headwear, jewelry and clothes to wear every day are her specialty. Design and with soul, handmade by experts in jewelry or sewing, we accept some very special jewelry. Far from those produced in series, in each of these vests is perceived the power, the essence of this needle that has made them one by one.

The product quality is perceived in perfect seams and a timeless design that we will transform any look with. Under the coat or over the shirt, we can wear these vests however we want, even with a basic dress to give it life and also face a winter that is expected to be quite cold.

They are made from leftover fabrics from great designers. We will buy a vest that reuses fabric, a mission that should be common today. Getting the most out of resources, but also creating the circular economy in a world like fashion is important. With our vest we will be wearing a 100% Spanish product, made by expert hands and with a fabric that is part of a fantastic catwalk collection.

Sarah Gonzalez She is the designer who with a lot of love and affection makes one by one these vests. Garments that impress as soon as you see them, not only because of how beautiful they are, but also because of that essence that we take home with us when we buy a unique garment made with great care. With frills on the shoulders, or with detachable collars, these are waistcoats that adapt to each woman who wears them.

A complement that has been created individually and almost personally, something that we will perceive immediately. From 89 euros to 119 of the most expensivethe hard part is choosing the one we like the most or staying with just one.


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