The most groundbreaking jacket designed for Princess Eleanor’s 16th birthday


this Princess Leonor is 16 years old, her style is very fashionable, We have seen her grow before our eyes and become a role model to follow. Princess Eleanor’s growth experience and her professional knowledge represent an entire generation. At the age of 16, she is fluent in multiple languages ​​and has shown us her public speaking skills more than once. All efforts to achieve these capabilities make the entire country proud. Eleanor Grow old as we see these days jacket Groundbreaking and easy to access.

Princess Leonor wore the most groundbreaking jacket when she was 16

Every teenager travels between two waters, Put aside the most childish part, embrace the adult world, as we saw in our princess Leonor. In the years that were crucial to her, she went from being a child to being an independent woman. The education he got from his mother, Queen Letizia This is obvious. Although they must train resources, without the will and determination of their parents, they will ultimately not be able to show the huge potential like Leonor, who is one of the most well-prepared European princesses.

The most groundbreaking jacket designed for Princess Eleanor's 16th birthday

Unlike other young members of the royal family, Leonor is a role model in every wayThe exemplary behavior and excellent education we have seen in front of the camera in these 16 years. Since the then Prince of Asturias announced her pregnancy, her arrival in this world and her appearance in official events, Leonor has grown into her own personality and style.

His last appearance at the Princess of Asturias Award was decisiveThe appearance of Princess Eleanor wearing an adult jacket indicates that the situation is changing. With checkered prints and a very British atmosphere, he was able to merge all his evolutions into one piece of clothing. On the road to adulthood and showing his maturity, he wore a piece of clothing at a price that was available to all of him.

Leonor’s jacket is sold at the designer’s association for 119 euros It is a Kabla style, available in all sizes from XS to L. This is the most groundbreaking jacket the princess has so far, she wore from adolescence to almost adulthood.

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