The most dazzling necklace this winter is Maria Pombo, it comes from Agatha Paris


María Pombo has the most dazzling necklace of this winter In her hands, it comes from the Agatha Paris brand, and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Day after day, influencers discover clothes and accessories that we will fall in love with. There is a basic element in our lives, love. Without it, it is impossible to live. It is the main engine and source of energy for each of our actions. Maria Pombo Pay special tribute with a prominent supplement, this is a necklace Have a truly spectacular heart signed by Agatha Paris.

María Pombo created the most dazzling color of this winter for Agatha Paris

Agatha Paris is the favorite brand of influential people, Sara Carneiro Or María Pombo succumbed to his design and quality work. We look for jewels that represent us, small details with soul, made of noble materials that make them timeless, the new María Pombo necklace meets all requirements.

This is a heart of steel. Just like our feelings, completely indestructible, so is the love for this necklace and the world. A work made in this way will become the perfect representative of life, love and family. In addition to steel, it is also decorated with 18 carat gold, which is an extra element that we cannot ignore.

The combination of steel and gold can create luxurious necklaces And elegance. Either you are silver or gold, in too many occasions we have to choose, but in this case, we can choose two materials. A way to incorporate new metals and styles into our daily lives, in a necklace, María Pombo points to the fullness of life, everything is just right, and in the end it is always perfect.

this María Pombo’s work for Agatha Paris They deserve special mention. In this cooperation, we have seen Maria’s heart, her enthusiasm for the family and excellent work. This necklace is just the tip of the iceberg in the whole world expressing intent.

Head to Agatha Paris to find a gem Become your amulet, Thanks to María Pombo, which attracts good luck and a positive atmosphere. For only 89 euros, we can get an impressive work. With this high-end jewellery at a low price, it is impossible not to fall in love or express our love.

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