The most complete guide to not missing anything from the Qatar 2022 World Cup


The Qatar 2022 World Cup The world of sport will come to a standstill for almost a month, during which all eyes will be on the search for the new world champion of the king of sport. The 32 ranked teams are fighting for the same goal, but the attractions during the event happen every day, every game, as well as the questions to be answered on the main event of national team football, which takes place every four years and this year. the dates and setting make it even more special.

When does the World Cup start?

We are already in the month of world but many people are still wondering, and searching, what is the exact start date of the event taking place in Qatar. The November 20 the starting signal will be given to the most anticipated competition in the world of football for 2022. From there, a month of frenetic competition until knowing the successor of France as world champion.

When is the first game?

If the World Cup starts on November 20the first game, the inaugural, will take place on the same day, from 5 p.m. In Spain. This will be the host team for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar, the one who actively participates in the starting point of the meeting. His rival in the first match will be Ecuador.

Which teams are going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

There are 32 ranked teams at Qatar 2022 World Cupall except the hostess due to the respective classification systems based on their area.

* Ecuador
* Netherlands

* England
* Iran
* United States
* Wales

* Argentina
* Saudi Arabia
* Mexico
* Poland

* France
* Australia
* Denmark
* Tunisia

* Spain
* Costa Rica
* Germany
* Japan

* Belgium
* Canada
* Morocco
* Croatia

* Brazil
* Serbian
* Swiss
* Cameroon

* Portugal
* Republic of Korea

Predictions for the World Cup in Qatar

According to the bookmakers, the favorite team to win the 2022 World Cup is none other than Brazil, which has a fee of 5 euros for every euro wagered in case of winning the Qatar event. Behind, with 6.5 euros for each bet, is Argentinawhile the current champion, France, is in third position. Spain He is fifth in the predictions for the world champion, with a fee of 8.5 euros, just behind England.

When is the Qatar World Cup final played?

the end of Qatar World Cupwhose suitors are of course not yet known, will be held on December 18 in capital, Doha. After the group stage and the round of 16, quarter and semi-finals, we will meet the participants, who will fight for the world title in 2022.

What is the next World Cup after Qatar 2022?

It will, as usual, be four years before a World Cup event is organized again, already with the usual summer dates. It will be in 2026 and three countries share the responsibility of hosting: United States, Mexico and Canada.

Countries that did not participate in Qatar 2022

Many teams have been excluded from the World Cup in Qatar due to the qualification system of the event, but undoubtedly the most remarkable is the absence of Italy, champion in 2006 and current European champion, who was left out in a surprise way. Others like Sweden, Turkey, Paraguay, Norway or Ivory Coast.


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