The most beautiful dress in early autumn comes from Bershka


‘s website Belzka He always gives us the clothes at the beginning of each season.In this case, if you want to wear a piece of clothing between seasons, you can’t miss it most beautiful clothes And it’s ideal for the start of fall.

In three-quarter sleeves, it is printed.perfect with you cyclist or a denim jacket. Learn what it’s like and what it’s worth.

How Fall’s Prettiest Dresses Started

Khaki or brown with floral print, three-quarter sleeves and various details on the neckline. It’s long and tight so you can wear it for various occasions. It has a side opening at the bottom.

this CMade from at least 50% ECOVERO™ Viscose. A viscose fiber derived from wood in more sustainably managed forests, where trees are grown in a controlled manner and with plans to ensure their reforestation.

In addition, it is certified with the EU Ecolabel, meeting stringent environmental standards during its production. So you’ll get a top-of-the-line garment that’s colorful, designer, beautiful, and made with materials that don’t harm the environment.

What skirt are we wearing?

There are many combinations to wear.Recommended with Black Leather Biker Jacket for €49.99 in the same Bershka, except coat The ideal lightweight trench coat at this point is 39.99 euros, and you can also wear rhinestone cross earrings for 7.99 euros and a silver chain black bag for 19.99 euros and you’re ready to go.

two colors

You can choose from this delicate and light dress at the same time, available in two different colors. Available in khaki, white or brown floral print, the two styles are slightly different but have the same design.

The most beautiful dress in early autumn comes from Bershka

what is your price

In addition to knowing what its features are, let’s go and see it. It’s priced at just 29.99 euros, Really affordable in your pocket, you can get it right now.

Available sizes in two colors from XS to L. You can now go to the Bershka website and get this dress by color and size. It’s best to buy online because it’s convenient and allows you to get your clothes in one click so you can have them at home as quickly as possible.


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