The most anticipated gift from Estefanía de Monaco: her son announces paternity


good news from the Principality of Monaco. Luis Ducruet and Marie Chevallier are expecting their first child. Almost four years after their double wedding in Monaco, the couple is finally making Stephanie of Monaco a grandmother. Last weekend, during the National Day celebrations in Monte Carlo, all the alarms went off about the state of the Princess’s daughter-in-law, since an incipient tummy was visible in her figure.

Despite the rumors, no one was expected to confirm the news, since the general trend in the Grimaldi Family is not to give details about this type of event, except in the case of what concerns the central nucleus and that directly affects The succession. However, in this case, the situation has been different.

The Grimaldi Family on National Day. /Gtres

The couple themselves have turned to social networks to confirm the news, with a fun image in which they both appear together with their pet, Pancake, who has been put on a T-shirt on which it is written, “about to be an older brother ». A message that leaves no doubt about the pregnancy of Louis Ducruet’s wife, who is shown smiling in the photograph. What has not been confirmed are more details about the state of the pregnancy, nor is it known if she is expecting a boy or a girl, although it is expected that the marriage will continue in this vein and continue to offer information through the networks as Pass the time.

There have been many who have taken advantage of the post to congratulate the young couple, who got married in July 2019 after seven years of relationship in a double ceremony, first in the Monaco City Hall and then in the Cathedral of the Principality. Theirs was the first wedding that the temple hosted since the marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, so the importance of the wedding was even greater. Among those who have congratulated the couple is Jasmine Gracethe daughter that he prince albert had with the American Tamara Rotolo.

Stephanie of Monaco with her children. /Gtres

The news of this pregnancy is undoubtedly a great joy for the whole family, but even more so for Prince Albert’s sister. Unlike the princess of hanover, who has already been a grandmother on numerous occasions by her three eldest children -Andrea, Pierre and Carlota-, in the case of Estefanía, has not yet had grandchildren. Luis is the only one who has been married, although Pauline has been dating a well-known businessman for some time and there have been rumors of pregnancy that have never been confirmed on several occasions. The Princess has never hidden her devotion to the little ones, what’s more, during Charlene’s absence, it was common to see her very aware of Jaime and Gabriela. Now she will debut as a grandmother, something that surely fills her with enthusiasm.


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