The most anticipated comeback of José Luis Gil on his 65th birthday


José Luis Gil, one of the most beloved actors in The one that is cominghas reappeared in the universe 2.0 on the occasion of a new return to the sun Although he was expected to celebrate this day so marked on the calendar in the strictest privacy, the truth is that his good health -which is getting better every day- has allowed him to blow out the candles for his 65th birthday surrounded by his loved ones.

This has been made known by his daughter, Irene Gil, the biggest fan of his father and the one in charge of telling how his evolution is being through social networks. “Thankssss everyone!!! Next year more and better!! #sumaysigue», He has written in a post in which the actor poses next to a huge cake and surrounded by love. An image that has not taken long to fill with congratulatory comments and, above all, support and affection, as in the case of her partner on the set, Cristina Castaño, who has not hesitated to leave her mark on the publication: “What do you saysssss to me !!! Congratulations!!!”.

But on this very special day, José Luis Gil has also received a visit from some of his friends, such as Manolo García and Renata. “We loved talking with you about anecdotes that cannot be written in a book. What a talented couple, fun and good people, an immense pleasure”, Irene has shared. An afternoon that Manolo himself has described as “magnificent”: “I think we managed to make José Luis have a good time. Apart from the anecdotes, emotion, affection and friendship, José Luis’s smile and desire to express himself floated in the atmosphere, which shows us that it must be repeated as soon as possible. A huge kiss. You know we love you.”

an emotional award

On November 30, just one year after suffering a stroke, the actor received the Retake Award 2022, an award in recognition of his career as a dubbing actor, another of his most unknown facets. An award that he could not collect in person, since he continues to recover from this health setback in the privacy of his home, but that came to his house by the hand of three of his friends. This was shared by his daughter Irene on her Instagram account, which has served as the perfect showcase to tell the most loyal followers of the actor every step of his evolution.

The day that changed everything

The life of José Luis Gil took a 180 degree turn just a year ago when he suffered a stroke that kept him hospitalized for 22 days at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Hospital. Although at first the family wanted to remain silent, it was a month later that his daughter Irene wanted to send an official statement announcing the situation. After this, it has been a year of recovery and, little by little, the actor returns to take the reins of his life. But it was not the only scare that took The one that is coming last year well, a few months later, it was Jordi Sánchez who set off all the alarms after being admitted to the ICU infected with Covid, an ailment that led him to spend more than a month in the hospital. And if it was not enough, Christina Medina she also had to move away from fiction after being diagnosed with a breast cancer from which he continues to recover favorably.


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