The Mistakes Susannah Grizzo Is Linking With Married Men


A few days ago, a reporter broke the news Susannah Gray In Seville, she revived her fantasies with a businessman of Andalusian descent. The reporter traveled to the Andalusian capital for an event a few weeks ago and used her stay in the city to meet her supposed new love, the businessman. Inigo Afan de Ribera, if published. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least not entirely.

Susannah Griso’s new partner is not Inigo Afan de RiberaBut another Íñigo, specifically, Inigo Rodriguez Afan de Ribera. This has been confirmed by the newspaper worldhe was able to speak to sources close to the businessman and assured that the confusion was due to a change in the order of their surnames.

Inigo Afan de Ribera He is not Susanna Griso’s boyfriend, nor is he separated, but he is married to Nené Olaso Pablo-Romero, and the couple have three children together. Others commented that Susana Griso was in a long-distance relationship with a Seville man, but he lives in Madrid.

Suzanne Grizzeau waves while wearing a mask in Madrid. / Getreth

Íñigo Rodríguez was the son of Santiago Rodríguez Chiachio and Lourdes Afán de Ribera (cousin of the famous Seville merchant, with whom he was confused). Nor are they the owners of the company Hijos de Ybarra, as has happened, but the family is the founder of the winery that bears their name. These wines started bottling in the 60s, but in the late 70s they created a wine specifically for cooking, stew, One of the most successful products on the market. However, Íñigo does not work in the family company, while some of his brothers do.

As far as there is no confusion, this is about the private life of the Atresmedia reporter’s new partner. He is separated from a previous relationship and has five children.She is also an anchor in her circle of friends Annie Igatibru, which he was associated with some time ago. Furthermore, he is known to have had an affair with Estefanía Luyk, and he was married to a Mexican in the past.

Susanna Griso and Carles Torras separated by mutual agreement / Gtres
Susanna Griso and Carles Torras to separate in 2020 by mutual consent / Gtres

For her part, Suzanne Griso had lived with Carles Torres for more than two decades, but the couple divorced in 2020. The journalist is a mother of three: Jane and Mireia, and Dorset, a girl she adopted in Costa in 2018. Also, last year she was in a relationship with Joaquín Güell, although she herself denies they have anything but friendship between them.


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