The mistake of Camila Parker that has angered King Carlos


Since Charles of England became king last September following the death of Elizabeth II, the new monarch has not only had to deal with external controversies, but also some of his attitudes have put him at the point of look. Unlike Queen Elizabeth, the character of the man who has been Prince of Wales for more than half a century is not so temperate, but quite the opposite, and he has already shown it on several occasions since he became head of state, which has generated criticism and comments on social networks, which are, to this day, a worldwide speaker for all kinds of reflections.

Camilla Parker-Bowles and King Charles in a file image. /Gtres

It happened on the day of his proclamation, when the sovereign’s gesture of asking for a tray with some fountain pens to be removed from him was the subject of all kinds of memes and, days later, at the signing of a document, a video also went viral in which the Rey was rudely expressing her discontent when she stained herself with a pen.

Now, the strong character of the King has once again come to light, although this time, with a matter as daily as relationships. A few days ago, in the middle of the maelstrom for the premiere of the series of the Dukes of Sussex, the new monarch was captured by the cameras of a user while he complained to his team of assistants about the “behavior” of the his wife.

King Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles in Wales. /Gtres

One of the basic rules of the protocol of any monarchy is that time must be respected as much as possible and, in the case of the British, punctuality is something absolutely essential. Especially when it comes to the royals. It escapes no one that a king cannot be made to wait, but between couples things change.

And it is that this fundamental norm is not so easy to comply with when one meets a group of people eager to show their affection to the new kings, which is precisely what happened to Carlos and Camila on their recent visit to the Welsh town of Wrexhamwhere they carried out various official commitments.

The public was so delighted with the visit that it was difficult for Camila not to comply with the requests of the Welsh people and she was entertained more than necessary with various people, which provoked the anger of King Carlos, who complained to members of his team. At a time when social networks echo practically everything, it has not been strange that a video has been leaked in which the discontent of the monarch is clear.

“Can we try again and have him come over now please?”the King is heard telling an aide. «I try to wait for her, but she continues. We have to leave”, he comments somewhat annoyed, since, in fact, it is not the first time that the consort has been late. A video that has generated a thread of comments on the net, where they have compared the scene to that of any marriage in which the woman entertains herself more than necessary. Occupational hazards.


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