The mined goods are arriving, not exactly what is needed on the Island.


While the flow of goods in Puerto Rico’s docks is increasing, in reality The island is not immune from the situation of dislocation in the supply chain that exists at the global level.Instead, merchants, in an effort to maintain inventory in their establishments, prefer to buy what is available to suit the tastes and needs of Puerto Ricans.

This was reported yesterday by representatives of various associations, who admitted that a shortage of food is a reality, as evidenced by a shortage of food in the gondola of 22%, which is very similar to that observed in the recovery process from weathering. catastrophe.

In an interview with IS TALKINGClarivette Diaz, President of the Shipowners’ Association, and Hernan Ayala, Vice President of Luis Ayala Colon’s company in charge of the San Juan Pier, have assured that international and domestic vessels continue to enter the island, even with more cargo, as ships are in transit. more. 75% of the goods entering the island are local goods and 25% are international. Between 8,000 and 10,000 containers arrive weekly.

There will not be the same impact that is reported in the US, according to local officials, as there is a more specialized service on the island.

“Our advantage depends on the way in which products are imported and distributed. Domestic and international shipping is for Puerto Rico only. Maids depart directly from Jacksonville Port and stay on the way for two to two and a half days. Internationals also have direct service. Those leaving Canada stay on the road for seven days, while those leaving Europe have a very similar delivery trend, ”Diaz said.

In the case of Ayala, he acknowledged that certain shortages could arise in certain products, with household appliances and electronics topping the list.

With these statements in mind, Manuel Reyes, Executive Director of the Chamber of Marketing, Industry and Distribution of Food (MIDA), explained that he is aware that this is not necessarily a local transportation issue, but rather a shortage of raw materials that makes it impossible to produce large quantity of products.

He noted that there is a shortage of aluminum, boxes, food, home appliances and electronics, among others, so traders decided to meet demand by buying what was in stock and doing so as soon as possible.

There are not enough goods. The important thing is that you don’t go hungry because we buy everything we can to replace the missing gondola and this practice is carried out in all sectors. We bring what we get, ”Reyes said.

Agreeing with this is Jesús Vazquez, president of the United Retailers Center (CUD), who also understands that it is time for the island to request an exemption from cabotage laws in order to resolve the supply problem.

In a very similar sense, Ivan Baes spoke out, who argued that goods are coming in, but at a slower speed. “Manufacturing capacity is not keeping up with demand, resulting in a shortage of products on the shelves, limiting the additional $ 600 million that can be sold. The problem is not Puerto Rico, it is a global problem, ”he said at a time when he once again insisted on the need to abolish the inventory tax.

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