The military obstructs Sudan’s transition: Putin’s winning country in the EU game


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September 21, 2021.We published on EL ESPAÑOL that day Sudanese army suspends coup attemptAlmost all news related to Sudan went unnoticed.Just a month later, this North African country suffered Second coupThis time, the news indicated that the military had achieved their goals. They detained several government members and declared a state of emergency.

It should be noted that Sudan is a country undergoing a transition to democracy.Or at least, this is the past two years (in Coup in April 2019 Dictator overthrown Omar Bashir) Somewhat transitional Self-contained Military and civilian personnel share power through the Sovereign Council, which should guide the transition and ensure that free elections are held in Sudan.

The Prime Minister of Sudan was an economist until yesterday Abdullah HamdokBut today, he and his wife Muna Abdalla were arrested and their whereabouts are unknown. The situation of other ministers and political representatives of citizens is the same as that of them. The military is tired of the transition and is in power.

Abdullah Hamdok, Prime Minister of Sudan, will serve until October 25, 2021.


generally Abdelfattah BurhanThe Chairman of the Sovereignty Committee disbanded the Ministerial Committee led by Hamdok and the Sovereignty Committee itself, which was established in 2019 in accordance with the constitutional document governing the transition.

In addition, Al Burhan also suspended some provisions of the interim constitution, which was signed by the military and civilians in August 2019, which laid the foundation for the distribution of power for 39 months until democratic elections are held as planned. Early 2024.

The Sovereign Council consists of eleven membersAmong them, five military personnel and five other civilians, in addition to a rotating chairman elected by agreement between the parties, have been held by Al Burhan for more than two years.

The tension between civilian and military leaders has persisted during the transition period, But this did not stop the process from continuing until September last year Attempted coup Leading to direct accusations and accusations by both parties, leading to open conflicts.

General Abdelfattah Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan.

General Abdelfattah Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan.


Hamdok attributed the coup to the “remnants” of the Bashir regime inside and outside the armed forces. Said it was necessary to “reform the military and security institutions”This caused the anger of the military leaders, and the communication between the two sides was interrupted.

Hamdok also stated at the time that “preparations” had been made to create an environment conducive to the coup, such as the lack of safety on the streets and the shortage of basic products during the protests in some provinces of the country. Sudan’s long-term economic crisis.

Geostrategic interests

Indeed, Sudan is a poor country, and most of its population is engaged in agriculture. It has a large area, but there are also large deserts. However, analyzing its GDP, it is ahead of countries such as Iceland, Cyprus or Malta (according to the latest IMF list).

newspaper New York Times Due to its rich oil and natural gas resources, Sudan’s economic growth rate is sometimes emphasized. Thanks also to its cotton production (essential for the textiles we consume in Europe) and other materials.In addition, it must be added that part of its eastern territories is Washed by the Red Sea, Which gives it a geostrategic advantage and makes it a connection and trade route with a powerful country like Saudi Arabia.

All these factors, Coupled with the factors of political instability, It is decisive for Russia to set its sights on SudanMoscow asks the Sudanese government to take responsibility for the crisis that triggered the coup. He also asked the international community to respect the Sudanese right to self-determination and refrain from interfering in Sudan’s internal affairs.

It is important to emphasize the support of the civilian government, because Russia provides support to the military, just as it does to other countries on the African continent. The most recent case is Mali, As we explained in September.

“The development of the situation in Sudan is the result of a serious crisis covering all areas of the country’s political and economic life. This is the natural result of policy failures in the past two years. “The spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Maria Zaharova, Cited by the Russian Prime Minister.

According to the Russian diplomatic representative, “the interim authorities and their foreign advisers and benefactors have ignored the despair and suffering of the vast majority of people in practice.”

“The large-scale foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Republic has caused Sudanese citizens to lose confidence in the transitional government, which has led to multiple protests and general instability in the country,” he pointed out.

In this regard, he pointed out, “Sudanese can and should independently solve their own internal problems and determine the direction of the development of national sovereignty in accordance with national interests.”

“Russia will continue to respect the choices of the friendly Sudanese people and provide them with all necessary help.”, He concluded.


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