The message with which Jessica Bueno sentences Jota Peleteiro


Jessica Bueno and Jota Peleteiro have ended their love story. After various rumors, they finally confirmed that they were going their separate ways. They made this decision publicly known through a statement, which was initially issued by the midfielder, and which reads: “After a period of reflection, We have decided to formalize our divorce amicably. We are left with the good times we lived, wanting to maintain a good relationship with the happiness and well-being of our children being our priority.

With these words the rupture was confirmed. Later, it was the model who caused a stir with a phrase shared on her Instagram profile. “The truth only has one path” and “we all deserve good, healthy, reciprocal, stable love.” Once again, Kiko Rivera’s ex has once again spoken out about it and has done so with a most empowering message.

“I’m going to love myself. I’m going to love myself to be able to love much more, I’m going to be myself, always. Despite everything, despite nothing. I will be more with me. In good times and in bad too”, she has written in a post that has been accompanied by a series of black and white photographs in which she poses sitting on a bench with a total black look of lingerie and fitted pants.

Jessica Bueno and Jota Peleteiro in Formentera / Gtres

With this message, Jessica Bueno has indicated that she has made the firm decision to take care of herself and dedicate herself time to herself in this turbulent stage of her life that she is going through. For his part, Jota Peleteiro has not shared anything on social networks since last November 20. He did so by posting an image with a group of friends in which they appear riding in a car on a night when they also went out to dinner.

A love story that comes to an end

The ex-partner began their romance in 2013, some time after Jessica Bueno and Kiko Rivera broke off their relationship (their son was born as a result of their love story). «Jessica and I are not together, it is a pity, but that is how things have come to be. I hope you understand it and the media respect us,” said the DJ in April of that same year. The son of Isabel Pantoja and the model began their relationship thanks to survivorsalthough they eventually separated.

Later, Bueno and Peleteiro began a romance and said ‘yes, I want’ on June 6, 2015 in a civil wedding that took place at the Finca de la Concepción in Marbella. Against all odds, their romance has come to an end after nine years together and two children together.


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