The Mercadona makeup bag that is selling like hotcakes


The to put on makeup He is one of the great protagonists of the special dates that are approaching. There are many women who are looking for the best so that they can look radiant in Good night That is Christmas Evenot to mention that it can also be a great Christmas gift, so if you want to know what is essential this season, we present to you below, the Mercadona makeup bag that is selling like hotcakes Since Christmas is coming and you’re going to want to try it, so don’t let it slip away!

The make-up kit sweeping Mercadona

If you want wear beautiful makeup not only at Christmas, but also throughout the winter, Mercadona has great proposals highlighting a kit that, as presented and given the quality of the products it contains, will be, as they say, one of the best gifts you can give for Santa Claus or Kings Magi.

It is precisely the Eclat Deliplus makeup bag in which one can find a long lasting matte dark red lipstick and one Golden illuminating powder.

Two basic products in party makeup. On the one hand, you know thatlipstick is a classic and it combines perfectly with any type of eye makeup you do and also with the outfit you choose for these evenings. As for illuminating powder, which has a golden finish, it is perfect to bring that shine that we also look for a lot on these dates, especially on New Year’s Eve.

A more complete kit than it looks since you will only need a little foundation and concealer, choose some shadows for the eyes and amp it all up with red lipstick and that golden touch of highlighterwhich will be the last product you add to your makeup.

Mercadona Makeup

The highlighter is also available in a handy compact case with a mirror. so you can carry it in your bag and thus give yourself the last touch before entering the party you are going to. It also has an etched design of a mandala above the dust.

If you want to be able to get this kit before it runs out, now is the time to get it. Available in all Mercadona supermarkets and in its online store, the price is 8.90 eurosand is also featured in a nice case that makes it the perfect gift for Christmas.


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