The meeting ends in chaos after racist remarks are heard


The leadership behind the nation’s second most populous city continued to be in turmoil on Wednesday as Los Angeles’ City Council tried to reconvene amid uproar over a recording where one of the city’s officials used racist language. The meeting ended before the officials could even start business in the city as noisy protesters drowned out the officials.

What’s happening today: The Los Angeles City Council is meeting for the second time since the release of a radio broadcast in which the president of the council, Nury Martinez, was heard saying racist things and disparaging his colleagues in a file obtained by the Los Angeles Times. Protesters have already started gathering outside the city hall.

What’s in the audio: In the transcripts obtained by The Times, Martinez could be heard making racist remarks about the white congressman’s child, saying that his colleague – Mike Bonin – “treated his young Black son like he was helping” and describing his partner’s son in Spanish as. “like a monkey.”


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