The Mayor of Chipiona clarified the dispute after learning that the Gloria Camila Association will not participate in the Rocío Jurado Cultural Week


It was officially announced last Tuesday that the Chipiona City Council will not cooperate with the RJ “La Más Grande” Cultural Association-Chairman is Gloria Camilla-Used for activities of XII Rocío Jurado Cultural Week.A decision that drew countless comments because it was speculated that it might have been Rossio Carrasco.

Mayor Chipiona in File Picture/Gtres

This Wednesday, the mayor of Cadiz, Luis Mario Apareciro, Has always wanted to quell various rumors and explain why the organization hosted by Ortega Cano’s daughter will not participate in the event this year.The politician accepted an interview with the Gtres agency, in which he stated Rossio Carrasco It has nothing to do with the decision and clarifies that the reasons for this decision are related to other types of issues related to restrictions that must be considered due to the pandemic.

“There are a lot of restrictions this year because we are immersed in a city with a high incidence of Covid, and now it is declining, but this allows us to make unanimous decisions, Chipiona City Council and Juradistas Association “the largest” and cultural delegation Do not do a lot of behavior, and Rocio Jurado always bears it alone. Bringing relatives, artists or important people here means that we have thousands of people here, which is beyond control at this time This is the main reason why Culture Week is exactly the same as last year,” he explained.

Rossio Jurado
Matador José Ortega Cano and Rosa Benito and María del Carmen Ortega Cano (María del Carmen Ortega Cano) File Picture/Gtres

The mayor wants to make it clear that Rocío Carrasco has nothing to do with the decision made: “We signed a museum opening agreement with Rocío CarrascoFor everything related to her mother, she must have information, she has perfect information, and she has authorized all the activities we do here, except for those who we explain to her that we ourselves are the ones who decide…not only It’s us, and the relationship we maintain with the Jury Association, which has been carrying out high-quality activities here for many years, and we get along very well. Maybe I like the standards of this poster better, or I don’t like this poster even less. Those are just aesthetic standards, but there is no confrontation, no pranks by the mayor, or nothing at all. Don’t make up more stories, or put Rocio Carrasco or Fidel in this story, they have nothing to do with it,” he emphasized.

In addition to revealing the events that will be held for artists these days, The mayor also took the opportunity to explain the opening process of the Rocío Jurado Museum“There are several elements that are being implemented, and we can’t start it until these tasks are completed. The conditions for awarding the bar are also being processed, the process of hiring security…We’re a bit late because the Mayor of Chipiona and All of Rocío’s friends want to open the museum as soon as possible, but they encountered a museum project a bit…We had to readjust, all these are administrative processes, we have to take 17 steps, we are going through the last step The last one is called the inauguration. When will it be. There is no scheduled date. I thought it was September this year, but we have postponed it for a few months. I hope that 2022 will be the one without a pandemic in the Rocío Jurado Museum. Years,” he emphasized.

Rossio Carrasco
The politician wanted to make it clear that the decision has nothing to do with Rocío Carrasco / Gtres

The mayor wants to uphold the good relationship between the city council and every member of the Mohedano family: “Everyone agrees, there is no problem. It is in the display of the posters of the Culture Week, Jury Association José Antonio represents the family, because Gloria was in poor health at the time, we were in a personality, we talked to one person, and we talked to other people. In the internal problems between them, we neither enter nor leave”, he was sentenced.

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