The Maxima of the Netherlands: The Queen of Accessories and Its Necklace Collection


When it comes to upgrading styles, Máxima from the Netherlands is an expert. When it comes to taking a completely different approach, the Dutch spouse has become the queen (pun intended) It looks like He used to wear it. Thanks to the help of his great allies, he successfully mastered a skill: accessories.That is If something characterizes clothing King William’s wife is a large number of necklaces on his dressing table.

The supplement formula has been successfully integrated into Maxima’s daily life. Thanks to these accessories, The queen manages to give people a fresher and more innovative feel Dresses and suits that seem to be unpopular or not flashy a priori. A way to imprint your most personalized identity on each of your style choices, thus becoming a fashion icon who has successfully crossed the borders of your own country.

Whether it’s floral, geometric or even feather designs, Beatriz de Holanda’s daughter-in-law’s necklace has become the most surprising part of her. It looks like In his public appearance.The concubine can’t resist, then Dare to show off from more avant-garde designs to other XXL sizes. The necklace designed by Gerda Lynggard Jewelry proves this: a necklace made up of a large transparent gem combined with other gems in a metallic tone. Although this is not the only time Argentina has chosen a large number of gemstones in accessories, as we can also see it with a necklace similar to the previous one, albeit with a different green hue.

Maxima from the Netherlands with a stone necklace / Gtres

Although sometimes these accessories are merely decorative, sometimes spouses use them to send meaningful messages.In fact, when she showed up for the last time, her mother Amalia from Orange I chose the black jumpsuit with lace sleeves that she had used in 2017. The necklace consists of three teardrops connected together, with a larger teardrop at the bottom, surrounded by sapphires. In addition to being precious, it can also be a gem of her gift mother in law. What better way to show off than King’s Day.

Maxima from the Netherlands
The maximum of the Netherlands on King’s Day / Gtres

During her visit to Norway last Wednesday, the wife of the King of the Netherlands joined her. Look The last discreet necklace, despite the clear dedication. Máxima and MetmaritA friendship beyond private, the two did not hesitate to show off in a public way. Therefore, I would also like to thank the princess and other members of the Norwegian royal family for their warm hospitality, Máxima added the finishing touch to her outfit with a necklace with a gold nameplate, which could read: “Love, Mette”. This is a gift from my wife Haakon from Norway In 2013, the Dutch princess ascended to the throne, and this week Maxima herself hopes to restore it after she arrives in the Nordic countries.

Maxima from the Netherlands
Norway’s Maxima and Guillermo de Horanda/Gtres

Would you like to see a wide range of Máxima de Holland necklaces? Let’s show you some.

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