The math of when Real Madrid can win the La Liga Santander title


RReal Madrid have only six games left La Liga Santander season after defeating Seville on Sunday evening. Los Blancos currently lead the team by 15 points. Barcelona in second place, although they played two more matches than their rivals.

them Seville Triumph brought many real Madrid fans to start looking at their calendars to calculate when they can win the La Liga Santander title. Ideally for these fans, the day would have to take place in the Madrid derby against Atletico Madridwhich should take place in the 35th round on May 7 or 8.

The math behind winning La Liga Santander in the derby

If a real Madrid and Barcelona Win all matches before the derby weekend by nine points. Thus, with three in-game days remaining after Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid match with Barcelona By holding a tie-break in head-to-head matches, the title could only be won at Wanda Metropolitano if the Catalan side scored points in advance or in their game against Real Betis this weekend.

Alternatively, if real Madrid reach the 35th round with a 12-point advantage Barcelonathey would have won the title that weekend with any pair of scores other than real Madrid lose and Barcelona victory.

Actually, real Madrid may even win the title before the trip of the 35th round of the capital, if by that time the gap is more than 12 points. to see Sports form a guard of honor in their own stadium for their rivals.

Barcelona let’s hope that real Madrid are dropping points in their upcoming fixtures, but Los Blancos have shown remarkable resilience in the way they bounced back from a 4-0 defeat in El Clasico in March.

Upcoming Real Madrid matches

real Madrid would have to lose nine out of 18 points, with Barcelona winning every remaining game for the Blue Garnet to win the La Liga Santander title.

First of all it’s a face to face ride Osasuna on Wednesday. Then they cheer Spanish at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium before heading to the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium. After the derby they will play away with Cadiz and finish the season at home against Real Betis.


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