The Masked Singer Season 7: Who’s the Armadillo? Clues abound in participant personality


B.cause season 7 from The Masked Singer have so far refused to provide us with any singers whose identities we can determine by hearing their voices, fans have had to dig deeper and scrutinize every clue they get. And the last episode of the series A fox the show may have given the armadillo a huge hint.

Armadillo debuted alongside Hydra, Miss Teddy, Lemur, and the Ringmaster in Season 7, Episode 4. Christie Brinkley, The battleship remained unknown.

The singers will return to the stage on the April 6 episode, and based on the first batch of clues, some fans believe they may have already figured out who Armadillo is.

Who is the armadillo in The Masked Singer?

The judges’ hunches were a typical mixture of vague possibilities and outlandish wishful thinking. Chuck Norris, Chips actor Eric Estradaas well as Vin Diesel texcluded as possible individuals.

Many of the fan theories were overly ambitious, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson popular example. This is Dwayne Johnson, the world’s highest paid actor in 2019 and 2020, earning $80 million in each of those years. Appearance on a Fox show with a sportscaster Joe Buck and famous chef Duff Goldman seems unlikely.

On the other hand, these naive Masked Singer fans may be closer than they think. There is a more reasonable fan theory, with a few clues from Armadillo’s introduction pointing to Duane Chapman more likely than Dwayne Johnson. It would be bounty hunter dog. Who, at the very least, seems like a star that could appear on a prime-time Fox reality show.

One of the reasons Masked Singer fans have guessed The Rock is because the clue package clearly points to an action hero. Viewers should have seen the real meat pie in the first set of clues. Armadillo also refers to “chasing his enemies”, having a “cool appearance” and being “stuffed, dented or downright bruised” at the end of the day’s work.

This led fans and judges to believe that the man behind the mask was an action movie actor, but they didn’t consider the possibility that they were dealing with someone who was tracking down enemies in real life.

Is the armadillo really a “headhunter dog”?

As you start thinking about the Bounty Hound, the other clues in the pack start to make sense. “Chasing my enemies?” This is his day job. When he says in the hint package that the advertised product “descales like nothing else.” Isn’t that an appropriate description of the bounty hunter series?

The packaging then draws our attention to a pair of sunglasses. If you’re not sure why this is a reference to Dog the Bounty Hunter, do a Google image search for him and keep scrolling until you find his image without his signature hues.


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