The Masked Singer Season 7: Endgame Reveals Who Firefly Is, This Season’s Winner


BUT new season The Masked Singer ended, and a new veiled singer was crowned. To conclude, although the show was only an hour long, it featured five outstanding performances, two elimination rounds, and three surprises.

The prince was the first to take the stage with a live performance “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. he was followed by Firefly performing Ashera “Bad Girl” and the arena inspector, who completed the first round with Sarah Bareilles Gravity.

For this season’s finale, the show decided to proceed a little differently from previous seasons, introducing two different rounds and thus two different eliminations.

The prince was eliminated first, which was a royally depressing experience. Before revealing Robin Thicke predicted Ricky Martin like a royal amphibian, while Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg chose Ben Platt. Ken Jeong amusingly approached Matt Bomer.

Who was the prince?

Jung almost succeeded, but it turned out that under the mask of the prince it was Cheyenne Jackson. Only Nicole Scherzinger was right in the end when it turned out it was Jackson and it’s a pity the show didn’t Golden ear trophy for the judges this season because Scherzinger would have won.

The Ringmaster and Firefly were left to wrestle after the Prince was eliminated. Firefly surprised himself with singing “Lost Without You” a Robin Thicke song, to his delight. “I am flattered and depressed. This song was supposed to sound exactly the way you created it,” he said.

After the presentation, the presenter Nick Cannon tells the panelists that the contestant is “quite emotional” on stage. Before leaving the stage, she clutches Cannon.

The ringmaster ended the conversation on a lighter note with a live performance Katy Perry Waking up in Vegas. However, when it came time to vote, the performance of the powerful vocalist was not enough, and Firefly was declared the winner. The radiant member was visibly taken aback by the news, telling Cannon, “It feels so good,” as she gasps loudly.

Who was the foreman?

The runner-up was revealed first, as is customary, before the final winner was determined. The panelists’ guesses were the worst of the night, and none of them guessed correctly.

tick chose Maren MorrisScherzinger chose Lucy HailChung stuck to his previous assumption about Hailee Steinfeld, and McCarthy Wahlberg chose Hayden Panettiere from the left margin. The circus kitten turned out to be Haley Orrantiastar Goldbergs and a singer.

Who was Firefly?

The panellists did a much better job with the final reveal of the night. Monica was chosen by Scherzinger, and Alisha Keys Jung was cast, but McCarthy-Wahlberg and Thicke eventually got it right, choosing a singer, R&B songwriter, actress, and model. Thane Taylor.

And with that, another season of this quirky celebrity singing competition comes to an end. Get your magnifying glasses and search engines ready for Season 8 The Masked Singerwhich will premiere on Fox this fall.


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