The María Pombo vest that you need to wear this spring is from Antik Batik


María Pombo has participated in one of her most important meetings with an impressive vest that will be a trend this spring from the brand Antik Batik. A jewel of retro-inspired design has arrived in the influencer’s wardrobe Mary Pombo and maybe it will reach ours. This garment is without a doubt a reflection of the new season. A jacket padded Embroideries like this are not seen every day, fortunately we know where they come from and how to buy them.

Antique Batik is the brand for this vest from María Pombo

Antik Batik is a brand that unites Paris with Tibet, a mix of styles that has become a benchmark in the fashion world. María Pombo has signed this wonderful brand for her wardrobe and discovers a whole world of good feelings and clothes with a soul that we can also have at home.

This west is the essence of the east brought to the west. The Silk Road is the source of inspiration for this brand’s alma mater, Antik Batik was born from Gabriella Cortese’s mind and travels around the world, but especially to the East. A place where you can find fabrics and embroidery of this type.

Actually, it is a padded cardigan that will remind us of the brand’s most iconic garment. A kind of regional suit that is shortened to achieve a very Parisian flowing design finish. The best thing about this vest is that it can be worn on countless occasions and adds a very luxurious and elegant style, depending on which garment we combine it with.

Made of cotton and with some embroidery that stands out, is a garment that manages to arouse passions. Buttoned or unbuttoned, we will choose how to wear it in the best possible way, which gives a radically different look. For a work meeting or a party, this vest is spectacular.

In blue tones, in We have it available in different colors on the Antik Batik website.. We can choose the one that best suits us, even if in this case blue and white are the most authentic. This vest will have a feeling of the most spring and with Mediterranean colors. The price of this vest is 115 euros. A price we can afford for this garment that María Pombo has discovered for us. Do not let her escape, discover the Parisian design with Tibetan air in the first person.

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