The mango pants that sweep among influencers


If you want to go to the last one, you need to know what it is pants Mango which is currently sweeping among influencers. The animal print is what stands out again in this sentence, so you can now access to buy these pants.

It’s straight and feels good, whether it’s for a casual outing or for that dinner where you’re going to go all out.

How are the mango pants that sweep

Since Maria Pombo to Alice Campello They have surrendered at the feet of this pair of pants that you will find in Mango. They are very comfortable jeans, animal print, in denim style cotton fabric, in 100% cotton. They have a high waist, five pockets, belt loops and a zip and button closure.

From Mango, they report that the garments labeled as Committed are products that have been made with fibers and/or sustainable production processes, which reduces their environmental impact. The company’s goal is to support the implementation of methods that are more committed to the environment and thus increase the number of sustainable garments in its collection.

What is it combined with?

It’s very easy, because they go well with everything you intend to wear. On one hand, with blazer and black shirtas suggested in Mango, although Maria Pombo wears it with a brown ribbed sweater and Alice Campello in an ecru sweater and a jacket over it.

Influencers rock these Mango pants, we tell you how to wear them

It’s great with high boots, both in black and brown, the colors that best combine with this garment. And you can wear different fabric jackets, tops, t-shirts and high heels for your parties. And the best is the t-shirt with animal print which is perfect for creating harmonious outfits.

This t-shirt is made of elastic knit fabric, in a straight design and with a round neckline. Its price is 19.99 euros.

How much are these animal print pants?

In this case this trousers so sophisticated have a price of 39.99 euros, in various sizes: although only 32 are available online. You can find the rest of the sizes in the physical store or you can order and send an email to Mango to let them know when the size we are interested in is back.

We know that everything that influencers wear is sold out sometimes, so we have to be quick to buy certain top pieces that everyone wants. This is the case with these pants that are running low.


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