The mango bag which is a clone of Jacquemus for only 15 euros


Jacquemus popularized a geometric bag that has finally reached Mango At a bargain price, it costs us only 15 euros to wear a haute couture accessory. Luxury companies own things that are truly crazy. This bag is architecture made a complement, it imitates the sides of a building facing the sun, with yellow and orange tones that fill us with energy. Only Mango has been able to copy the essence of this work of art and turn it into a bag.

The Jacquemus clone that costs only 15 euros will give us this Mango bag

Mango has created the clone of one of the most famous bags by Jacquemus, a truly spectacular work that will cost us less than it seems at first glance. When it comes to getting a good bag, we need to consider what we need to succeed in these difficult times.

A bag that is geometric lines It is elegance personified. A way to leave behind conventional bags that have nothing special and to invest directly in a type of accessory that will seem taken from a fashion catwalk. We will carry a piece of a bag with the Mango seal.

It is a festive complement. Small handbags are generally ideal for carrying the essentials. When we go out and party, we need nothing more than the desire to have a good time. It is the element that we want to be able to achieve what we are passionate about. A great option is this bag that has everything you need and more to succeed.

We can also carry it as a shoulder bag. We will wear it crossed without having to hold it in our hand. Dance until dawn or tour the city with just enough without hardly noticing that we are carrying the dream bag in our hands. You can get it, for much less than it seems and it comes in two equally beautiful colors.

Orange and yellow are vibrant shades. At the end of the year when everything is for good causes, it is important to get a bag that has the colors of abundance and happiness. Look for this bag in the new Mango collection, for just over 22 euros you can take home an accessory that looks like it was taken from a fashion week in New York.


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