The man who has already vowed to bail Britney Griner out of prison in Russia


B.Rittney Griner has been in Russian custody for five months after she was accused of carrying cannabis oil in her luggage while entering Russia. in United States trying to get phoenixmercury star to return home, but Russia does not make it very easy for her.

Griner have good allies in this process, such as Joe Biden myself. However, there is one person, perhaps not so famous, who became the guardian angel of Griner: Arizona Senator Mark Kelly.

Kelly recently issued a statement demanding that Russia release Griner.

“A request to the government of the Russian Federation to release Griner immediately, and that the United States continually insist on Griner’s release in all interactions with the government of the Russian Federation,” he said in a statement.

In addition, the note explains that the return of Griner should be an urgent matter for all concerned.

“I have worked with the State Department to ensure that the safe return of Britney Griner is a priority, and this bipartisan resolution also shows Senate support for her,” he continued.

“Britney Greener is an inspiration to Arizona and Americans across the country. I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her talent up close on the court.

“Britney has been unfairly detained by the Russian government and we will continue to work with the administration to ensure her safe and speedy return.”

Last Friday, the senator was optimistic about Griner’s release despite little progress being made in public.

“It’s in the works. Today I feel better than a week ago… Let me stop there. These are delicate conversations between the state and other people,” he added.

Kelly, a member of the influential Senate Armed Services Committee, said he often speaks to State Department officials about the Griner situation and spoke to them again for 45 minutes Thursday before returning to Arizona from Capitol Hill.

Griner pleaded guilty, admitting she had vapes containing cannabis, but said she had no criminal intent and that the presence in her luggage was due to hasty packaging. Griner’s trial continues. In the Russian judicial system, an admission of guilt does not automatically mean the end of a trial.


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