The man “provides anti-Semitic theories about the Covid scam”


The court found that the St Neots man had spread anti-Semitism theories through a Covid scam

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After people said they received “offensive and anti-Semitism” flyers, the police conducted an investigation in St Neots

The court learned that a coronavirus conspirator had been spreading anti-Semitic scam theories in his neighbors and online.

Matthew Henegan, 36, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, is accused of possessing, distributing and publishing materials that incite racial hatred.

The court heard that he claimed that the Jews were behind the Covid-19 report and that he “controlled the media” on flyers and online in March 2020.

Mr. Henegan pleaded not guilty to the charges against Old Bailey.

Prosecutor Julia Faure Walker told the court that Mr. Henigan had distributed “threatening, abusive and insulting” material that was “intended or likely to provoke racial hatred.”

She said: “These materials mentioned that they believe that Jews support coronavirus coverage, control the media, and are evil.”

Someone told Old Bailey that he used derogatory terms to refer to Jews everywhere.

The jury heard that residents said they received “offensive and anti-Semitism” flyers in their mailboxes in mid-March last year.

This includes links to video and audio files allegedly posted by Mr. Henegan on racist websites.

The court learned that Cambridgeshire Police raided his home on April 17, 2020 and found a large number of leaflets.

The jury was informed that on March 9, 2020, a document titled “Hoax Coronavirus Supplement” was published online.

It includes anti-Semitism themes and admiration of Adolf Hitler.

The court was informed that in a three-hour video titled Corona Virus Hoax, the video was marked with the words Corona Virus, Adolf Hitler (sic), Nazis, Jews, and Mein Kampf. The court was informed that Mr. Henegan told people to refuse to the camera. Coronavirus curfew.

The jury was told that after his arrest, Mr. Henigan described the Jews as “a group of criminals” and claimed that Hitler was “obviously a righteous man.”

The 36-year-old man further denied allegations related to possession of a terrorist document on how to make armor-piercing ammunition.

The trial is still going on.

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