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Luanco (EFE), but without excluding “any other possibility”, underlined this Thursday the chief commissioner of the Citizen Security Brigade of Gijón, Jesús Marco Riaño.

“We are working on all lines, but the main one is that of voluntary disappearance in the environment in which his vehicle appeared,” he said during a press appearance in Luanco, the capital of the council. Asturian of Gozón, where it is located Cap Peñas.

Yesterday, members of the Special Operations Group (GEOS) and the Central Unit for Specialized and Violent Crimes (UDEV) of the National Police resumed the search by sea in the area of ​​the cliffs of Cabo Peñas after the discovery there a few days from a “susceptible” shirt. . to Sandra, although she was not recognized by the family, who live in Madrid while she had been working and living in Gijón for two years.

It’s a white shirt from “a super famous brand” that “may or may not be theirs”, and in an attempt to find out, DNA tests have been used which have yet to yield results.

The garment was found “half-cliff”, about 200 meters from the area where it was originally excavated, and tracking efforts are now focused on this vertical of the cliffs.

Like looking for “a needle in a haystack”

Riaño acknowledged that the work is “like looking for a needle in a haystack”, since this area of ​​cliffs is full of caves and small beaches that are difficult to access, and recalled that “there are people who have been missing for years around Cabo Peñas” whose bodies have not been found.

The police command, which advocated “avoiding any type of gratuitous speculation” because Sandra’s family is suffering, said the intention was to speed up “another of the possibilities considered in the investigation”.

Riaño insisted to reporters that the main line of inquiry was “voluntary disappearance in the Cabo Peñas area”, although “no other possibility is excluded, be it voluntary disappearances or any other type of disappearance”.

The police are continuing to search for Sandra Bermejo, who has been missing in Cabo Peñas since November 8. EFE / Eloy Alonso.

Sandra Bermejo’s clue was lost around 5 p.m. on November 8, when her cell phone signal was located by a repeater in the parking lot closest to La Gaviera rock, at the top behind the Cabo Peñas lighthouse and where his vehicle was found, inside which was his bag with the papers and bank cards.

Riaño pointed out that the car was in one of the parking lots in the area “perfectly closed” and without signs of violence, while the mobile was not found and there is no indication that it has started to work again.

New Ground Tracking

The chief commissioner said that next weekend a ground search will again be carried out in the area where Sandra’s vehicle appeared.

Although Riaño did not comment today, police sources pointed out a few days ago that investigators are also inquiring about the young woman’s last movements and her contacts on social networks.

Apparently, the young woman had had ties with spiritual groups for a long time, as confirmed by the president of SOS Desaparecidos, Joaquín Amills, who recalled that the day of her disappearance was celebrated the ritual of the blood moon, in which some of these groups, they often use ayahuasca, a traditional medicine commonly used by shamans that has hallucinogenic effects.

Sandra’s family rejects the possibility of committing suicide, since she is a happy person with an organized life, and also questions the hypothesis of the accident, since the young woman knew this region of the Asturian coast well. EFE


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