The lowest press, laughing journalists with kidnappers


the press is capable of the best and the worstconducting investigations that overthrow corrupt governments or infamy, such as interview terrorists. And we’ve seen both examples. But the truth is that even though the terrorist was not interrogated during the attack, it would be something completely unimaginable. And yet it also happened, especially in Germany in August 1988.

Two criminals, Hans-Jürgen Rösner and Dieter Degowski, entered the Deutsche Bank branch town of Gladbeck and taking two employees as hostages. BUT kidnapping that lasted 54 hours and where truly surreal situations have been experienced, if not offensively, for example, to see laughing journalists with kidnappers.

A kidnapper with a weapon talks to reporters.

Netflix just released a very interesting documentary called Gladbeck: A Hostage Drama where only shows real pictures and sounds. There is no voice-over, no a posteriori evidence where the protagonists can “beautify” reality, only images and sounds from the media, as well as from the German police, recorded during these endless hours.

It’s hard to imagine how a two-hostage robbery could last so long, up to 54 hours, but what’s even more amazing is that it happened in space, as the perpetrators, including the hostages, traveled from downtown. north (Bremen) and then south (Cologne), while passing through Dutch soil.

One of the requirements for leaving the department, in addition to money, was a car in which they left with two hostages. In a futile operation by the German police, the kidnappers they ended up hijacking a city bus with more than 20 people on it. inside. They were even joined by a third kidnapper.

Two hijackers outside the bus.

The bus began to surround onlookers, and the police did not cordon off the area. So much so that a journalist even came up to the bus to calmly talk to the kidnappers. The leader came to get rid of at different times, giving interviews and having fun with cigarettes, which were even lit, with the press. All nonsense.

Journalists get on the bus.

At the same time, showing unimaginable cruelty, as pull a girl by the hair and put a gun to her head list his new demands, including leaving in a car “without microphones” and with police officers in shorts with handcuffed hands behind their backs.

In an incomprehensible way, they started the bus, changing cities, driving into a traffic jam on the highway due to the large number of cars of journalists who followed them. Even after he showed his extreme cruelty, how kill the hostagejournalists continued to talk to them calmly.

Gladback Photographer.jpg

They started the bus again and after many ups and downs, as if changing into a car with two hostages on board, they arrived in Cologne. The most surreal moments were lived there. They stopped the car in the central and pedestrian zone. BUT a crowd of onlookers, and again the press, surrounded the car while the kidnappers aimed at the heads of the hostages.

Gladbeck Hostage.jpg
A journalist takes a photo of one of the kidnappers pointing at a hostage.

But they did not surround the car, keeping their distance, and the journalists stuck their microphones and camera lenses through the lowered windows, while the curious leaned right on the roof of the car to talk to the kidnappers. And knowing all this, because every minute they said on TV that they had already killed one of the hostages.

The car of the thieves is surrounded by a crowd of onlookers.

The end of the story, in addition to many ins and outs, can be seen in Netflixno doubt a very good option to make sure that not everything comes in exchange for an audience.

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Frame from the film “Freaks”

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Painting “Journey”


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