The live-action stage game Spirited Away is finally available for on-demand streaming


Couldn’t make it to the cinema for Studio Ghibli’s adaptation of the Studio Ghibli anime masterpiece? Now you can watch it from home.

It’s not that there’s ever such a thing as a “good time” for a global pandemic, but the coronavirus crisis has coincided with a live stage play adaptation Spiritual departure was especially disappointing for anime and theater enthusiasts. The show, based on Studio Ghibli movie with the same title opened in Tokyo in Februaryand made his last performances in July.

Since Japan was almost completely closed to international tourist travel during this period, and many of the country’s residents also restricted domestic travel, many fans missed the opportunity to see the actresses Kana Hashimoto and Mona Kamishiraishi they take on the joint role of a serious young heroine Chiharu. Now, however, comes the happy news that the play Spirited Away is finally available for rental on demand.

Over 50 dollsincluding an incredibly detailed depiction of Haku in his dragon form, help bring the Ghibli classics to life on stage.

The Spiritual departure Play started streaming first on U-go platform on November 16, and will be released in Japan on November 19 Amazon Prime Video, huluand Abem. It’s not like they just put the camera on a tripod in front of the stage and called it a day because the visuals of the streaming versions (there’s one for each lead actress) are compiled using footage from a range 17 cameras capture different angles.

As loyal readers with fond memories will remember, this is absolutely not the first time you see it Spiritual departure play online like the last two performances of the production were broadcast live in July. However, this is the first time they are made available for on-demand streaming, so if you were busy during the live stream and couldn’t watch them, now’s your chance. Also, Mone Kamishiraishi’s version is a re-edit of the one that aired in July, so even if you managed to catch a live stream, there should be something new.

Source: PR times, Oricon news by Live news by Otaku
Images: PR Times
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