The Lidl light box that is having a blast: offer this interactive box to your children this Christmas


The toy sector is in its month with the greatest number of sales, and it is without a doubt that the proximity of Christmas makes millions of people around the world buy toys to give to the little ones in the house at such special dates. Today we show you a Lidl light box that it is selling well and that it will be one of the star gifts this year thanks to its characteristics and the incredible experience it will give to the little ones who will play with it… run, fly!

Lidl usually has a toy in its stores throughout the year, but the truth is that it is with the arrival of December that it usually carries a little more, and it always knows what to put on sale so that ‘it becomes a resounding success. The German company falls in love with children and families with the originality of its toys, which is certainly worth taking a look at when you have to make a gift of this type.

The Lidl light box that is a hit at Christmas

It is wooden light box, an original and fun toy that will provide many hours of entertainment and fun for the little ones in the house. Cataloged by the German chain as a “star product”, it is made of natural wood and durable plastic, a toy that can last a long time and that you can get a lot of use out of. It is currently priced at €29.99.

This Lidl light box has 6 color models, in addition to the numbers from 0 to 9, a toy based on Montessori pedagogy that will make the little ones have fun while developing different skills. It is a game that stimulates logical thinking in a fun way, as well as encourage learning both numbers and colors, the main color being configurable with the remote control.

In the sales kit you will find 18 pieces that make up the game, as well as a USB cable, batteries and instructions for proper operation. With dimensions of 39 x 27 x 8 cm, it weighs 1.02 kg. Recommended from 3 years old, it is ideal especially for families who want benefit from the Montessori pedagogywhich aims to make children of all ages learn using all the senses, awakening their curiosity so that they can learn intuitively.


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